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Wound + Corn Starch

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41 conversations around the web about Wound + Corn Starch to help you make a decision
41 conversations around the web about Wound + Corn Starch to help you make a decision
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Wound & Corn Starch

We found 41 discussions
" ...wonders if the wound is ...with the corn starch. Once it scabs up a bit, then switch to the Desitin (ointment ...up). Until his stomach problems clear up, I'd keep something on him to preve... "

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" ...DD used to get horrible dribble rash under her many ...good in terms of wound healing - ie. keeps the wound underneath it protected to ...Failing that, something like corn starch powder will ... "

" is with anything with corn starch and they is drying.My aunt ...until her last 6 months.She was tired and her body was have confidence in the wound specialist and doctors.You take ... "

" ...This is great. I am so allergic to corn, that I ...5 days of having a corn starch adhersive applied to a wound on me. HFC syrup is type of glue, without corn starch,. Or I'll die fr... "

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" ...wound, though one of his blood feathers was also ...corn starch to his wound, ...I know my dad's going to freak out when I tell him how much he bled. He always worries when something happens... "

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" ...was a nurse, our wound-healing motto was, \"If it's ...with zinc oxide. Also, someone mentioned corn starch. This is great for keeping ...yeast will feed on the corn starch and thrive (ie: ... "

" ...For now, focus on getting the bleeding to stop. The nail ...sting. The good thing about corn starch is that you can dump ...then heap it over the wound. Get a paper towel and... "

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" ...old and already has quite a rash. I tried an ...didn't help. The rash got worse and desetin wouldn't ...and treating her bottom with corn starch to try and dry out the wound. It seems to b... "

" Hi, I have had trouble with deodorants becoming itchy, I change brands always choose the low scent/hypo - I had a wound pad on each day to ...make a product which is corn starch based - I... "

" ...nurse, that specializes in her wound care, about the affects of ...also told me to use an anti fungal powder or cream on ...tummy.She also told me that corn starch will help breed the fungus.... "

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