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(Withdrawal reaction)
Withdrawal can refer to any sort of separation, but is most commonly used to describe the group of symptoms that occurs upon the abrup...
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Common Withdrawal treatments discussed around the web
Diazepam 46,954 Suboxone 44,837 Xanax 37,345
1,503,609 conversations around the web about Withdrawal to help you make a decision
1,503,609 conversations around the web about Withdrawal to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Withdrawal

Withdrawal & NSAIDs

We found 9,239 discussions
" NSAIDS are weak GABA agonist, so ...opioid receptors and you get rebound pain from it as well, but I took it in the thick of acute withdrawal and it did help. My vote is on acetaminophen... "

" ...I take Advil for my ocassional ...naproxen which is a NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). \"NSAID's when used alone only ...notice an usually small increase in withdrawal symptoms.\... "

" ...and have minimal withdrawal. Don't be afraid to take medicine that really helps you......why suffer when you don't need to. I can't take NSAIDs because they rip my stomach up. Tramadol also... "

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" symptoms. I take 1-2 vicodin a day for pain. I can't take nsaid's b/c I have a bleeding disorder ITP. My infant is now 5 months postpartum. Will I/and or my baby suffer withdrawals if I stop... "

" ...2 weeks have been taking a lot of Excedrin Migrane and Aleve. I also have been feeling awful with other withdrawal symptoms the past 2 weeks. I connected to the NSAIDs. Yesterday was my l... "

" ...did some tests, including withdrawing uterine fluid. A lot ...trouble with the other NSAID's, I am going back on ibuprophine right now as acetaminophen is doing doodly-squat for my back and... "

" that caffeine withdrawl gave me a ...after surgery. Also, tylenol does very little for most headaches... its active ingredient works better on fevers. Try an NSAID like Motrin or Aleve... "

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" ...are some studies reporting that NSAIDs will impact the anti clotting ...took and I did have some discomfort stopping them - not ...the pain but rather the withdrawal symptoms. Go slow when we... "

" ...I did. Also the chromium nasal spray is probably a safe bet. The non-drowsy antihistamines probably act as a stimulant. Also FYI, my experience with NSAIDs is they aggravated my withdrawal symptom... "

" ...ask your Dr. for some Toradol, it's a pretty potent NSAID, it worked wonders for my headaches and I had no RLS either. Those were two ...I didn't have during CT withdrawl. It can cause stomach p... "

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