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Whey Protein

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Category: Dietary supplement
Whey protein is a mixture of globular proteins isolated from whey, the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production. S...
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What people say about Whey Protein and Stroke ?

#52 in Whey Protein discussions - 102 posts discuss Stroke with Whey Protein.
We found 102 discussions
" ...The only thing I take is Whey protein, I buy the BodyFortress jug ...on crap for fear Ill stroke out or something. Not all... "

" ...using Animal Pump before my workout along with whey protein shakes and multi-vitamins. I was ...kind of products possibly related to strokes, heart attacks, even death. Is... "

" i have chance of stroke or heart attack my ldl gym since from 4 months and regularly taking whey protein isloate which contain 30mg colestrol per serving and iam... "

" ...fact, it's illegal to take whey protein in Singapore! People have been ...Act), Section 369, consuming of whey protein in any form is not ...receive a maximum of 12 strokes of... "

" ...up with symptoms of a stroke; my left side was numb ...the past 3 days my face is swollen and numb, mostly around ...said it's possible I'm allergic to whey protein; I'm going to try soy... "

" ...a year ago. The only supplements that i was using was creatine and whey protein and i was doing squats, i went down and came back up and ...7 months later. I swear i though i had a stroke at the... "

" ...awake, anyway). Additionally, wouldn't a whey protein shake be a terrible idea? Digests quickly, doesn't ...woman's breast is cause for outraged apoplexy.\" Betty Bowers,... "

" ...Example -my dad's smoothie recipe after his stroke :low fat boston creme yogurt, scoop of reduced fat jif peanut butter, chocolate chip granola bar, whey protein, milk and \"sometimes a... "

" Well it sounds like different strokes for different folks, so will ...intake is above 4300 a day.. So have been using whey protein, creatine mono, omega 3 capsules, bcaas and a multivitamin... "

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" ...very fast. As a matter of fact I had a stroke a year ago in June. I collapsed on the ...said we had done alright and to get some whey protein and pour the amino acids right in. We did... "

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