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Whey Protein

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Category: Dietary supplement
Whey protein is a mixture of globular proteins isolated from whey, the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production. S...
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Based on medical discussions around the web

What people say about Whey Protein and High Triglycerides ?

#222 in Whey Protein discussions - 9 posts discuss High Triglycerides with Whey Protein.
We found 9 discussions
" ...Fish Oil, Athletic Vitamin & Mineral, Heart Help, and TT-33. I go to the gym 6 days a week and work hard on the weights for 1 hr. at a time. 25% of the gym time is done with cardio. My routine is... "

" ...I take Antara (micronized fenofibrate) for high triglycerides. I never even considered it a factor when choosing a whey protein. I... "

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" ...keep sugars low due to high triglycerides Breakfast Protein shake (Skim milk, fruit, low fat/low carb yoghurt, whey protein) Snack Nutrition Bar Lunch Salad... "

" as part of my breakfast everyday. My blood test results came back a week ago with high triglycerides. The results are below: HDL-C=42 mg/dL (normal>=40) Triglycerides=266 mg/dL (normal <150... "

" ...week I'll have a protein shake with whole milk, whey protein, and frozen berries. I know this isn't primal, but ...missing some things, but I still don't believe my triglycerides could be that ... "

" next to zero. High triglycerides, the whole package. So ...T heavy cream. 1 scoop whey protein Optimax chocolate Brewed decaf (I ...induction? 2 carbs for whey protein, donno about c... "

" ...because my Cholesterol and Triglycerides were high and Heart Disease runs put me on Crestor (a Statin drug) to ...Water, Ice, Chocolate Shakelogy, Whey Protein Powder, and Almond/peanut... "

", eggs, whole fat dairy, whey protein, nuts, non-starchy vegetables, and a ...some splenda (in the whey protein powder), and use small ...this and still having elevated triglycerides, you... "

" ...Accutane (for my once was acne, almost off ...glutamine 5g creatine 75g whey protein Lunch 2:00-2:30 2lbs chicken, ...low. Testosterone levels are high, triglycerides almost nonexist... "

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