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wheeze (formally called "sibilant rhonchi" in medical terminology) is a continuous, coarse, whistling sound produced in the respirator...
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Common Wheezing treatments discussed around the web
Albuterol 5,252 Ventolin 3,667 Proventil 97
131,875 conversations around the web about Wheezing to help you make a decision
131,875 conversations around the web about Wheezing to help you make a decision
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Wheezing & Thyroid

We found 292 discussions
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" Mo got rid of wheezing, red cheeks, and eczema for dd all at once, and it got rid ...diagnose - here, get an inhaler and see if it helps I wonder what the thyroid/selenium/asthma connection... "

" ...I have started wheezing, which I've never had before. Albuterol did not help at all, so my doctor ...because of the bromide? I am hypo, currently on 1 week. I do not have thyroid... "

" ...Swallowing I had my thyroid removed in early July. ...swallowing. Surgeon gave me prednisone and that has helped the swallowing, but I am still having trouble ...I feel OK just wheeze and fee... "

" ...time( 15 years)I have this nasty shortness of breath.i never followed it ...or so,but i recently experienced some wheezing.pretty Endocrinologist said it could be because of my thyroi... "

" ...Since I've started with this thyroid stuff I also have tight chest & feeling of asthma with wheezing sometimes. Maybe her's is related to her thyroid? Something else you could ask... "

" I feel wheezy short of breath heart pounding sickly and a headache bloods done again they always test me for thyroid , and it's always ok,,thank goodness . It's freezing... "

" ...around their throat When their thyroid is enlarged sometimes it's hard having bronchial spasms .I don't have any wheezing with this I sometimes get ...exercise. I do have allergies and ... "

" ...had it before it starts with a sickness feeling then headache n shortness of breath am wheezing when I'm climbing the stairs . If I go ...they'll just run the usual thyroid . Ad best go tho,... "

" ...I was wheezing, ...thyroid. My doc told me to stop taking it, she fears that my airway is becoming constricted by the goiter, so I stopped taking the tapazole and just take the propranolol, and ... "

" ...a loss of appetite blood red stools ...also a dry cough with wheezing and can feel my thyroid. im scared i have cancer and it's spread to my brain and thyroid from colon.this has been going... "

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