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Bupropion ( marketed as Wellbutrin, Zyban, Voxra, Budeprion, or Aplenzin and formerly known as '''amf...
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Wellbutrin for Depression
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Does Wellbutrin cause Neuropathy ?

#78 in Wellbutrin discussions - 166 posts discuss Neuropathy with Wellbutrin. Neuropathy is #78 concern in Wellbutrin discussions.
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just started taking it and it seems that my neuropathy...
" ...read any reports about Wellbutrin helping with neuropathy or blood circulation? I just started taking it and it seems that my... "

eard of these meds being possible cause of neuropathy....
" ...at night for sleep and wellbutrin in the morn , anybody heard of these meds being possible cause of neuropathy. Have have had good... "

r you though. My ex husband had periferal neuropathy a...
" ...60mg daily with 300mg Welbutron. It is working so I don't want ...180mg Prozac & 150 Welbutron for years until it stopped working as well. Glad it's working for you though. My ex husband had... "

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neuropathy) recommended amisulpiride with the Wellbutrin...
" ...for a higher dose of Wellbutrin as I am pretty speedy already and have to calm the anxiety it creates or that ...to a bad day. My pain management dr (I have facial neuropathy) recommended amisulpiride... "

Thanks Michael. I Tried Welbutrin - didn't work. Zoloft has...
" Thanks Michael. I Tried Welbutrin - didn't work. Zoloft has worked the best for me, but I do have neuropathy, and have been noticing a lack of feeling in my thighs in... "

s at this point has reduced my arthritis and neuropathy pain...
" ... My bariatrician doubled my Wellbutrin (which also boosts libido in some folks).   Loosing over 65 pounds at this point has reduced my arthritis and neuropathy pain levels, and I was able to stop... "

rica, Oxycontin and Wellbutrin (to mitigate the side effects...
" ...to this board but I have posted on the Neuropathy Association and Braintalk boards in the past. I'm 59 and have had PN for almost 20 years. It progressed very slowly but I have had almost unbearable... "

have found that taking the Wellburtin daily keeps my ne...
" ...Sclerosis. I also take Lyrica along with Wellburtrin for my neuropathy. However I do not take it as prescribe, go figure I am also a nurse. Others that I have talked to said that Lyrcia made their... "

from HFS. It was purely coincidence that I got relief...
" ...posted here before regarding my issues with neuropathy. Mine is Hand and ...been helped by taking Wellbutrin that I first started taking because of my depression from being disabled from HFS. It was... "

uropathy and just recently got some relief with Wellbutrin...
" ...of the new me. I've had HFS neuropathy and just recently got some relief with Wellbutrin - otherwise I was ...after the treatments were over. My suggestion is to get your body in shape first and then... "

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