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Warfarin (also known under the brand names Coumadin, Jantoven, Marevan, Lawarin, Waran, and 'Warfant...
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Warfarin for Blood Clots
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Does Warfarin cause Stomach Ulcers ?

#114 in Warfarin discussions - 63 posts discuss Stomach Ulcers with Warfarin. Stomach Ulcers is #114 concern in Warfarin discussions.
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to heart problems he has been on warfarin and a pacemaker...
" ...heart problems he has been on warfarin ...off warfarin has probably led to some minor strokes. Which is now the biggest danger, ulcers from going hack on warfarin or more strokes from staying of... "

down after letting me take warfarin while i have an active...
" ...6 months on Warfarin. So i'm now ...letting me take warfarin while i have an active stomach ulcer and i was undiagnosed for 7 weeks as they kept saying my dvt was in fact tendinitis, and didn't... "

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I have been taking Warfarin(generic Coumadin) because I had...
" ...Warfarin(generic Coumadin) because I had a blood clot and had been told that that medicine can cause stomach ulcers. I was on Nexium but posted a while ago about me not eating much because of the... "

users have a higher incidence of stomach ulcers than the...
" ...you implying that alcohol drinking warfarin users have a higher incidence of stomach ulcers than the general population or ...it just a case of stomach ulcers being more dangerous for us?... "

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ulcer? i know asprin does, and he takes warfarin cos of...
" ...warfarin give you stomach ...does, and he takes warf... "

I take Warfarin, Bendrofluazide, Losartan and Zocor,...
" ...of men. I also suffer from ectopic beats which is one of ...by my GP. I take Warfarin, Bendrofluazide, Losartan and Zocor, plus Lnazoporole ( had a stomach ulcer in the past) My ... "

like aspirin have been associated with stomach ulcers
" ...For example warfarin inhibits vitamin ...will prescribe usually an 81mg low dose aspirin daily. Usually at this dose the risk of a stomach ulcer is low, however salicylates like aspirin have be... "

to aspirin -Has a stomach ulcer or stomach disease...
" ...medicine by mouth, ask if her or she- -is allergic to aspirin -Has a stomach ulcer or stomach disease -Is taking any blood thinners, such as Warfarin or Coumadin -Has been told by a doctor not... "

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c OA has gastric ulcers(no PCM in the options)...
" celecoxib...elderly c OA has gastric ulcers(no PCM in the options) illustration ...in BP(curve). sulfa drugs....african American...G6PD warfarin toxicity...vitK cindinafil...where does it act,... "

Omeprazole for several years due to a stomach ulcer and...
" ...in INR but did have problems with Omeprazole reducing red blood cell count to the point where I became anaemic. Doctor's solution was iron tablets which didn't work! (Do they ever?) I found... "

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