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Method of use: Injection, Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Warfarin (also known under the brand names Coumadin, Jantoven, Marevan, Lawarin, Waran, and 'Warfant...
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Warfarin for Blood Clots
58,318 conversations around the web about Warfarin to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Warfarin and compared it to other Blood Clots medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Warfarin cause Heavy Periods ?

#89 in Warfarin discussions - 82 posts discuss Heavy Periods with Warfarin. Heavy Periods is #89 concern in Warfarin discussions.
We found 82 discussions
" i am on warfarin, i end up changing super tampons every hour, and have considered maybe just switching over to maternity pads... "

" I've had incredibly heavy periods on Warfarin, I've had a Mirena coil for 3 months now, ...result my blood tests have come back today that I'm anaemic - what a surprise... "

" ...because I was having such heavy periods. Now I am scared to death to go off cause of the warfarin may make me ...and have horrible clots, God knows how it will be while on warfarin.!!! I asked... "

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" ...take baby aspirin from about 5 ...I always worrying that being on anticoagulants (warfarin) when ttc stops embryos sticking a bit irrational but warfarin makes periods heavier but with ... "

" on warfarin, 52 years of age and have I am on warfarin, 52 years of age and have had heavy periods since taking warfarin. I am obviously in ...Protein C deficiency. I am well-managed Type 2 ... "

" ...Told me to carry on with back exercises. I had a coil fitted to try control heavy periods as I am on warfarin, hence the five weeks! They are not concerned with... "

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" ...while I had Implanon (the implant) to control heavy periods ...warfarin for over a year but I went to Manchester hospital as I wasn't happy with being told I had to stay on it forever. they took... "

" ...for a year, I came off this in March this year and by august I had suffered another blood clot in my lungs. I have now been placed on warfarin for life but am experiencing severely heavy... "

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" ...warfarin since PEs discovery (31/10/08)/past dvt etc. Im 43 and have had past probs back to A&E to get scans more quickly and re-check INR (1.3-1.5 checked due to other problems over last... "

" When I was on warfarin, it caused me to have very heavy periods and for a couple days longer than usual. However,... "

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