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Vivid Dreams

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lucid dream is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik W...
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153,676 conversations around the web about Vivid Dreams to help you make a decision
153,676 conversations around the web about Vivid Dreams to help you make a decision
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Vivid Dreams & Depression Medications

We found 7,958 discussions
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" ...anyone have vivid nightmares due to antidepressants? does anyone have vivid nightmares due to antidepressants? I have frequent strong nightmares which wake m... "

" ...dreams, i dont take xanax but with my antidepressent i have vivid dreams every night. (saw another post saying antidepressent will give you... "

" Antidepressants and anti psychotics specifically can ...Effexor XR i had THE most vivid dreams I have ever... "

" ...have very vivid dreams too, they started about ...not. Are you taking antidepressants? vivid dreams ... "

" ...make people have vivid dreams. Yours could be drug induced. I'm not taking Riluzole or antidepressants but dream... "

" Back when I was on anti-depressants I had frequent extremely vivid nightmares. Most of the truly disturbing... "

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" ...had vivid nightmares on Lexapro and Effexor ...My doctor said that vivid dreams while on anti-depressants is extremely... "

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" ...drunk much quicker, had really vivid dreams, and it kind of counteracted the who... "

" agree, I had strong vivid dreams from my antidepressants, they do no harm so lie back and enjoy... "

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" on the anti depressant Pristiq, and a side effect is you have really vivid dreams. Sometimes I ha... "

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