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Dengue Fever

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Ask a question
Dengue fever , also known as breakbone fever, is an infectious tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. Symptoms include fev...
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20,203 conversations around the web about Dengue Fever to help you make a decision
20,203 conversations around the web about Dengue Fever to help you make a decision
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Vitamins & Dengue Fever

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" ...with the mozzies. I got really sick after the cyclone as we should take more vitamins and then we would be the same man who has had Ross River, Dengue Fever etc etc vitamins my a... "

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" ...and it sounds very like Dengue. I did wait 2 days ...- but by then I was very weak and pretty much delirious. dose her up on Vitamin C and Echinacea until she... "

" ...yesterday morning and they gave me Guaifenesin syrup as i had sore throat and phlegm issues,Dextromethorphan,paracatemol,vitamin c and Ascorbic acid.The doc ...said it was not dengue and my feve... "

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" I have some questions on Dengue Fever... What does it mean when the doctor write in D5LRS that has the VIT C? Or is it D5NM? ...the IVF that is used to place the VIT C? TNX so much &... "

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" ...sniffed some goldenseal for the stuffed nose. took my vitamins and still the disease hung on. Even now about ...month later I still have a cough. Everyone was trying to ...even thinking mayb... "

" ...thanks, cara have high fever over the wkend ...blood test yesterday....luckly dun have dengue...but result show she is aneamic...quite worry...doc tell me to give multi-vitamin rich in iron n as... "

" Hi, good day i was diagnosed of Dengue Fever on my third day of disease due to my positive Dengue NS1 result, I was not ...still a symptom of dengue?or do I lack Vitamin B or Potassium thats... "

" ...Welcome to HCM You have suffered dengue fever ,it is good that you ...recovered well. In case of Dengue we are always worried about ...which you have taken for dengue may be antibiotics or ... "

" ...just found out I have a bloodclot under my left knee, thanks for all the insights as after having dengue now this clot n 17dys n the hospital I ...not sure if mj has vitamin k I ... "

" ...have a confession. I have an addiction to Fern C. I ...but having an overdose of vitamin C in the morning can ...diseases like bird flu and dengue. Especially now when situations and... "

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