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Vitamin D

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Method of use: Oral Drops, Pill
Category: Dietary supplement
Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids. In humans vitamin D is unique both because it functions as a prohormone and the body...
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Vitamin D for Vitamin D Deficiency
412,521 conversations around the web about Vitamin D to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Vitamin D and compared it to other Vitamin D Deficiency medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

What people say about Vitamin D and Vaginal Dryness ?

#177 in Vitamin D discussions - 49 posts discuss Vaginal Dryness with Vitamin D.
We found 49 discussions
" ...they found that my vitamin D was low. Did any of you guys experience vaginal dryness and/or chronic and persistent vaginal infections? Just one of... "

" ...taking Nature Made's Super B Complex vitamins. I also take 4000 IU's of Vitamin D per day. My only big complaint is the vaginal dryness that prevents me from having sex with my husband. This is... "

" ...(should we get pregnant again) would make my existing condition of a very dry vagina (TMI) combined with very low Vit D (I'm on high supplements) worse. As such I may have no choice... "

" ...had radiation and started Arimidex almost 4 months ...too. The biggest thing I note is vaginal dryness and that can occur just ...otherwise symptom free. I do take Vit D and calcium carbonate... "

" ...oil---nothing drastic) plus upping my Vit D a bit helped with that a lot. Apparently both Vit A and Vit D are able to downregulate ...vitamins, much of my vaginal dryness, and dry eyes/ nasal... "

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" ...out high & moderate oxalate foods have helped. Also I have vaginal dryness & Clamara (estradiol) Patch has helped. I also take calcium citrate w/o vitamin D 2... "

" ...response. I've yet to have a problem with vaginal dryness either. I guess I'm one ...anti-d right now, although have tried effexor in the past due ...SAD with a light and Vitamin D... "

" ...on Premerin, I hate it.. It gives me insomina, vaginal dryness. They told me to stop taking it and see ...that I had to take it or just take Vitamin D and Calcium if I do not take my... "

" ...vitamin D, calcium and vitamin C. I use treadmill for 30 mins once or twice a day. I have not had any problems with mood changes but I have been on anti anxiety meds for years so maybe that's why... "

" ...And I've been drinking! Normally my urine is almost clear. It's also pretty strong. I'm almost certain I don't have a urinary tract infection because no other symptoms of it. That's why I'm t... "

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