Vitamin C

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Method of use: Lozenge, Pill, Syrup
Category: Dietary supplement
Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid or L-ascorbate is an essential nutrient for humans and certain other animal species. In livin...
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Vitamin C for Stretch Marks
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Vitamin C and Stretch Marks

909 discussions around the web mention both
Vitamin C
Stretch Marks
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about high doses of vitamin C for healing stretch marks...
" ...oil. Rose hips are supposed to be high in vitamin C, and I've heard good things about high doses of vitamin C for... "

smooth and asisting in my stretch marks and the Vit C helps...
" ...a extra vitamin of just vit E and another of just Vit C. I feel the extra Vit E helps my skin in staying smooth and asisting in my stretch marks and the Vit C helps my ammune system and... "

oducing more stretch marks - which were gone in less th...
" ...disappeared quickly. She began her high vitamin C after she met me, about 1 year prior to our son's birth. And now that I think about this, she still had stretch markers from her earlier... "

helped with my stretch marks. They don't look nowhere ne...
" ...Vitamin C, helped with my stretch marks. They don't look... "

more usually faint stretch marks have faded...
" ...and I'm definitely more usually faint stretch marks have faded even more! Quite satisfied actually,but I kinda think d cream myt me braking me out in the face? Hmmmm,il keep observing.... "

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these things are supposed to be good for both stretch marks...
" ...butter everyday. I also take 500mg of vit c everyday. It seems to be helping, I only started this about three weeks ago and I'm seeing a difference. I also added 500mg of gelatin but I just started... "

ier births/less stretch marks). Iron/folic acid - she's bee...
" ...taking higher doses of Vitamin C, iron, folic acid and Iodine...But is there anything else that she should be doing? She's been taking 250mcg of iodine daily and 4G of vitamin C (per some literature... "

that sensation is my skin stretching. I also take vitamin C...
" stretch marks run like mad in my family. my mom and sister have them from boobs to butt from their multiple pregnancies. I'm a ftm and 22 weeks today and still have none. I have some from being a... "

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worth it. I might use that mask on some of my stretch marks...
" ...better results if you use Vitamin C Crystals it is basically a Vitamin C powder and each serving is 2,000mg. Plus no need to crush the vitamin c first and i imagine an alrdy vitamin c powder is much... "

it). It prevents new stretch marks because it helps...
" ...vitamin c (ingesting it). It prevents new stretch marks because it... "

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