Vitamin C

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Method of use: Lozenge, Pill, Syrup
Category: Dietary supplement
Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid or L-ascorbate is an essential nutrient for humans and certain other animal species. In livin...
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Vitamin C for Freckles
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Vitamin C & Freckles

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Vitamin C
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day...Anyway I have enough freckles not to be bothered...
" .... But leeleedeedee, I'm sorry the oil didn't work for you, it is actually one of the very few products that truly fades my freckles discernably. I do agree that it's very mild, since my skin... "

with acne marks and freckles and it's helped to fade both....
" ...marks and freckles and it's helped to fade both. I don't use it EVERY night, but I do have some wrinkles under the eye. A lot of kids these days have them though so it's not caused by the vitamin... "

there. I also have a few freckles which don't bother me....
" ...vitamin C. My skin tone is much better. I find it hard to explain what I am trying to cure. I guess I should say I am a strawberry blonde and have paleish skin but I do tan (did tan). Years of smok... "

for few monts and her sun spots uder the eyes faded then...
" ...spectacular ,i nave a friend she used it for few monts and her sun spots uder the eyes faded then she stoped using it and started with vit c for anti -wrinkles... "

anyone had any luck removing freckles from the...
" ...hydroquinone . i dont want to use this is there a good alternative (ive read about meladerm and also vitamin c serums are these good alternatives i dont want hyperpigmentation.has anyone had any lu... "

rid of (or at least reducing the appearance of) freckles...
" ...of) freckles from sun exposure? I'm starting to realize I should have listened to my mom about wearing sunscreen. I'm trying to be more vigilant about sunscreen now, but I still slip every... "

wont there be a danger of discolouration / brown freckles...
" ...which has some vit C in the evening and it has done wonders. I just have a quick question: can I use vit C serum product during the day? wont there be a danger of discolouration / brown... "

I wanted to get rid of freckles/brown spots. I didn't use...
" Can you get some RA or Taz gel? It is really cheap at's purpose for me as I wanted to get rid of freckles/brown spots. I didn't use it for lines/wrinkles. Vit C serum is also great... "

is getting better and my sun spots faded a little. I did...
" ...Vit-C for about 3 months and switched to ISC Super Serum 3 weeks ago. I did not see that much improvement after I switched. BUT I started to use Active Serum 10 days ago and OMG, I saw \"good\" imp... "

her hands to get rid of freckles and dark spots. They look...
" just nice, clear even-toned skin. Of course, I turned her onto Vitamin C, too, so she can keep the hyperpigmentation away as well. She still gets peels done on the tops of her hands to get rid... "

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