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Vitamin B-12

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Method of use: Injection, Lozenge, Oral Drops, Pill
*Off Label
Category: Dietary supplement
vitamin B12 or vitamin B-12, also called cobalamin, is a water soluble vitamin with a key role in the normal functioning o...
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Vitamin B-12 for Vitamin B12 Deficiency
356,212 conversations around the web about Vitamin B-12 to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Vitamin B-12 and compared it to other Tiredness medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

What people say about Vitamin B-12 and Leukemia ?

#72 in Vitamin B-12 discussions - 333 posts discuss Leukemia with Vitamin B-12.
We found 333 discussions
" ...will be working in haematology so I analyse and interpret full blood counts, b12/folate and ferretin, leukemia, malaria etc... Sanatana it's for the NHS.... "

" ...and also have to have the B12 shots. I can't say that what happens if your B12 is too high, but I ...heard of a link with B12 and Leukemia, but then like... "

" ...doctors thought i had leukemia because a bone marrow ...switzerland and so i was started on B12 injections weekly and my condition improved. I am now 31 ...I now get 2 B12 injections a week ... "

" ...My grandfather was recently diagnosed with someform of Leukemia. They couldnt say which ...Atypical chronic Myleoid Leukemia OR Myelodysplastic syndrome. ...this type of leukemia is Atypic... "

" slightly higher than the normal range, should I be concerned? I take a multivitamin, but it doesn't have a lot of B12 in it. It says a high B12 is rare and could indicate leukemia so I'm freakin... "

" low iron or B12 or as serious as Colon cancer or leukemia. Now... "

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" Your B12 is fine. Stick with whatever ...are absorbing it well. Three is recent research that B12 megadoses are associated with leukemia so it's not something you want to supplement beyond... "

" asking, what were your B12 levels then and now? I believe that various forms of leukaemia can cause elevated serum B12... and my mother's B12 reading is over the ...could assess true B12 sta... "

" ...-400) A bit low? But B12 has risen from 456 to 623 ( Taking B12) (range 197 ?) So ...My Endo said that with Leukemia (evn if not one of the fatigue Thyroid or Leukemia? I would l... "

" ...get my results. My B12 is elevated. Normal is my food, and multi vitamin. it says that this is caused by Leukemia, plycythemia vera, cirhhosis of ...this wrong and having a B12 level t... "

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