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/ 8,339 posts
Other Names: vilazodone
Vilazodone (marketed as Viibryd) is an Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressant developed by Clinical Data, Inc for the treatment of major depressive disorder. The chemical compound was originally developed by Merck KGaA (Germany).By 2009 two Clinical trial number Phase III ... Read more on Wikipedia

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Based on 8,339 patient discussions on healthcare websites and blogs
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By Viibryd Lover
January 22, 2015
Viibryd Lover wrote
I have been taking this medication for 3 months and no other depression medication has worked as well as this one for me. I am finally feeling like the real me. I love it. My family loves how I behave on this medication. I am calm and relaxed. Im not upset ever. I can manage my stress and conflicts that come my easily. I have 4 children and they even like the difference in me. However, When I do not take this medication, even miss one day, I get agitated easily.
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By spendor
January 17, 2015
spendor wrote
flu like symptom viibryd
4th week of viibryd; 40 mg dose now. Feeling better, more calm, more sexual libido, efficacy: almost as good as cymbalta with less side effects,,, more time will tell. Two days ago, at night, body started to ache like I have a virus or something. Was going to take Advil...am holding back. Mind you, I had this on and off with Cymbalta which I took for seven years. Not sure what is going on as of yet. Otherwise this is a good medication for a non standardized ssri, as it is known to be.
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By Davepl
January 14, 2015
Davepl wrote
Hair Loss on Viibryd
A couple of month into it I noticed my hair becoming very fine. However, while all of my ancestors back as far as I know had great hair, it was at about the age (40s) where you'd expect age-related genetic balding, so it's hard to say.
I'm having the same issue- I've been on it for 6mo and have always had thick hair
Dr said hair loss should not be a side effect. However, nothing else points to it :/ otherwise it has worked well
January 20, 2015
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By Saphire
November 20, 2014
Saphire wrote
"Lamictal vs. Viibryd"
??? why "vs"? i'm on both meds..
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By sara312
May 23, 2014
sara312 wrote
Viibryd...good & bad
I had initially been on Zoloft 150mg daily for a year, my depression got better. However, the weight gain of 50+ pounds and sexual side effects had me approach my Dr.'s office for a med change. So, I tapered off of the Zoloft and started Viibryd with a Starter Pack. I got up to 20mg of Viibryd daily, and was on my second week at this dose when I missed one dose. In that missed dose I experienced: the most vivid and violent nightmares I had ever had, some sort of electric shock type of sensation that spread from the top of my head throughout the rest of my body, and facial itching/redness. All of which went away once I took my medication at the right time the following day. So far, I've only missed three doses of Viibryd since I started on it five months ago and have experienced the same reactions each time. The sexual side effects (lack of orgasm or sexual interest) I was having with the Zoloft have dissipated, and I've lost six pounds since I've been off of the Zoloft and on the Viibryd. I have been taking 40mg once daily for about three months.
The past 3-4 weeks, however, have almost driven me crazy. I can't concentrate on a task, my heartbeat is continuously over 90 bpm, even when resting. My thoughts race, and I am almost always overwhelmed by my emotions: happiness, anger, rage, sadness. Almost like I'm having some sort of rapid cycling episodes. I've also experienced tinnitus episodically. Today, I had a follow up with my MD and we've decided to stop the Viibryd. I started tapering my daily dose from 40mg daily to 30mg daily about four days ago. I haven't experienced any "missed dose side effects", or any increase of the other effects I was having. My MD wants me to do the 30mg daily x 1 week, to 20mg daily x 1 week, to 10mg daily x 1 week and then off. In the meantime I am to start Wellbutrin 150mg twice daily.
Hopefully this is helpful. With Viibryd being a relatively new drug I found it difficult to locate many helpful reviews. Had I known initially what I do now, I never would've started taking Viibryd. This truly was NOT the right medication for me.
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By Soundhaven
March 19, 2014
Soundhaven wrote
Generic of Klopipin, Wellbutrin, and Viibryd
Background...have been on the generic of Klonopin 3mg per day with generic Wellbutrin 150mg twice a day for the past 3 years. My doctor added in Viibryd about two months ago at the 20mg once a day (be sure to take with food beforehand...just personal experience!") It has worked wonders for me. 10mg too light and 40mg too heavy for now. Still am fully and focal when it comes to all tasks, particularly at work. Has helped enable me to put non work issues a part on the clock( which is what I was after) can't have those leaking in. Feel a tad more "numb so to speak", but life now seems as though it's a untangabke knot. I no longer am stricken with that snow ball/domino effect. Everything seems manageable, as though I can break issues down piece by piece without feeling overwhelmed. This is the most calm and under control that I have feet in years. Hop this helps.
May I suggest you find a doctor who will help wean you off chemicals using natural amino acid and high levels of nutritional therapy?
andrea  |  April 6, 2014
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By brit25us
February 8, 2014
brit25us wrote
I can't remember anything anymore
I was on viibryd for a year. After not being able to remember anything i got off of it. Its been over a year since I've been off of it and I still can remember anything. It's almost like I'm in a fog all the time. This medicine should be banned!! What employer wants a 28 year old woman who can remember anything?! :/
I thought I was the only one. I am so forgetful and my memory is horrible. I am tapering right now and went from 40mg to 15mg.
Kelly  |  November 25, 2014
Thanks for mentioning this. I've had memory issues for a while, but more so the last six months because of the Viibryd. Thanks again.
Chris  |  September 29, 2014
I forget things too, is it the drug or the deppression?
August 4, 2014
I'm the same.... I was thinking that I was old and cucu
Delmy  |  July 10, 2014
Stopped taking it back in July and still having memory problem
April 23, 2014
Had same problem
March 29, 2014
After a few weeks of being on the 40mg dose I noticed I was very forgetful, with little things, short term memory things....
Stacy  |  February 13, 2014
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By Another headache
January 30, 2014
Another headache wrote
Viibrid and heart racing
Like Hopeless, I have been experiencing some strange side effects from viibrid. I was on 60 mg of Prozac, but had to go off due to it effecting my heart rythm as seen on EKG. Switched to viibrid, got up to 30 mg, but I'm going to tell my doctor I'd like to get off it. My heart is racing at night, I'm having palpitations also. The night sweats have been horrible, and I've experienced severe night paralysis - which I have never had in my life. Also, my cravings for sugar ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD. I finally bought a bad of hard candy to have something to suck on to stop eating candy and cookies. I don't even want to know how much weight I've gained. I was about 130 before....wouldn't be surprised if I've put on 10-15 pounds. I have had enough.
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By Rebecca Gliserman
November 16, 2013
Rebecca Gliserman wrote
Nose bleeding with start of Viibryd. I have been on for 2 days.
Same here.
Lisa  |  September 19, 2014
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By Betsy
November 7, 2013
Betsy wrote
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By Hopeless
September 13, 2013
Hopeless wrote
PVCS and Inverted T waves on ekg after taking viibryd
I'm having similar issues are you guys still on or off this medication? Did the side effects go away?
Henry  |  December 2, 2014
I am in transition of getting of Effexor and currently on 30mg of vibbryd having hypertention and racing heart. pretty scarry.
Karen  |  August 16, 2014
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August 11, 2013
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8,339 patient discussions from healthcare websites and blogs
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