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Vertigo (from the Latin wikt:en:verto number Latin "a whirling or spinning movement") is a type of dizziness, where there is a fe...
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Common Vertigo treatments discussed around the web
Meclizine 2,120 Valium 1,874 Antivert 1,307
170,004 conversations around the web about Vertigo to help you make a decision
170,004 conversations around the web about Vertigo to help you make a decision
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Vertigo & Colloidal Silver

We found 16 discussions
" ...the nausea, palpatations, even vertigo, that are all somehow ...since I started taking colloidal silver... "

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" ...does this result in vertigo (lack of oxygen to Alcohol etc. I recommend colloidal silver, and/or Citricidal for this. But ...dig deeper... BTW Curezone has a Candida Forum so perh... "

" ...SILVER \"Quite recently I was suffering from a bout of Vertigo. I tried cleansing my ...I was out of the Colloidal Silver so went to my ...started popping and slowly my Vertigo started to sub... "

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" ...the messages made me feel thankful my ear infection is not bad at ...pain using garlic and colloidal silver, but it the ear ...have trouble hearing. Never had vertigo, dizziness, or panic att... "

" COLLOIDAL SILVER \"my mom had a severe case of vertigo and the doctor told her ...reading an article that said that vertigo was not an ailment, but was a teaspoon).her vertigo was gone the... "

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" ...that causes sinus infection (including vertigo). I learned the hard way ...out that I had a sinus infection that I didn't ...a bone. I am taking colloidal silver sprayer once a while jus... "

" ...tincture? I have been using colloidal silver for around six months and ...or have problems walking, itching, vertigo, etc.. I can also think ...grand is by taking Pantothenic Acid. But che... "

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" ...colloidal silver possibly help me? I have constant vertigo, imbalance, feeling like I ...think it is migraine associated vertigo. I was wondering if colloidal silver could possible help me? Dr.... "

" ...both treated with Doxycycline. I am OK. I assume Doxy doesn't help TWAR much??? She is OK from things like vertigo. But she has a ...the herbs and the colloidal silver and that stuff. (TWA... "

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" ...Yes, the dizziness is called vertigo. Mine is all gone, and not a doctor, but I am flatly against colloidal silver, as are most \"real\" doctors. Rica (my \"signature\"... "

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