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Other names: Vancocin
Method of use: Injection, Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Vancomycin International Nonproprietary Name is a glycopeptide antibiotic used in the prophylaxis and treatment of infections caused ...
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Vancomycin for Infection
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We analyzed what people said about Vancomycin and compared it to other Infection medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Vancomycin cause Weight Gain ?

#3 in Vancomycin discussions - 65 posts discuss Weight Gain with Vancomycin. Weight Gain is #3 concern in Vancomycin discussions.
We found 65 discussions
" ...I had infusions of vancomycin daily for 2 weeks and have not had an outbreak since.... and this was over 6 months ago. I have gained back to 171 lbs. and am doing MUCH better. I believe also... "

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" have Strep Throat. I was ...crazy D since being on Vancomycin in October, but had lot so food issues, weight loss etc. Over the last month, ...But now Weeeee.......I have Strep. They p... "

" ...allergic to. I don't know if I am allergic to vancomycin or not. In any case, I found that Mino helped me gain some weight. I did lose some of what I gained, but... "

" ...combined with Vancomycin success My 85 y/o X2. His 5th treatment started with IV Vancomycin to control and stabilize ...Vanco and Xifaxan. He has been well and gaining weight for... "

" ...I was diagnosed with UC. I'm not ...The first round of vancomycin didn't help, but in June I was hospitalized and given first Flagyl for a few ...lot better. I've put back on the weight plu... "

Post from
" ...did not work. Now we know the cause was mrsa. They of course could June and I took vancomycin for eight weeks then in mrsa. I too have gained a lot of weight and have no streng... "

" ...C-diff infection. Put on a few lbs since reversal surgery/infection hospitalizations in June, July, and August. BUT...ended my Vancomycin treatments on ...haven't really gained weight(maybe li... "

" ...state who agreed to put her on oral vancomycin pills (OV) 500mg 3x day. OV is poorly absorbed and so has no side effects. Within 2 days ...1-2 solid stools!!!! She has gained 5-6 pounds in 5 wee... "

" ...child, and had to be given Vancomycin because I was having such ...months. I took the antibiotic for a week, I gained over 30 lbs and had a healthy baby boy! Note: I do... "

" daughter has been taking 500mg oral vancomycin (OV) 3x / day for ...Her clinical symptoms have normalized - 1-2 solid stools/day; gained 6 pounds. She just had a colonoscopy and the GI doc... "

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