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Method of use: Ointment, Vaginal Ointment
Prescribing mode: OTC
Resorcinol (or resorcin) is a dihydroxy benzene. It is the 1,3-isomer of benzenediol with the chemical formula C6H4(OH)2...
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Vagisil for Itching
9,709 conversations around the web about Vagisil to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Vagisil and compared it to other Itching medications
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We found 9,704 discussions
I got bad itching and burning due to vagisil
At first i thought i had a yeast infection but i found that i have UTI. My doctors told me to use vagisil and at first it helped but the pain was still so bad and i found myself applying it every couple of hours. After a while i looked at my vagina because it was hurting so bad and saw that it looked liked blisters and puss and it was disgusting. I do not recommend this to anyone.
or a week now. I have tried vagisil cream, and it helped...
" ...I have had soreness and horrid itch in vaginal area for a week now. I have tried vagisil cream, and it helped relieve... "
Vagisil cream to relieve itching, & ,it burned the hell...
" I used Vagisil cream to relieve itching, & ,it burned the ...was bearable before i applied Vagisil. Can someone... "
am raw from itching. I have taken fluconose, i use vagisil
" I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 about 3 years ago. for 3 years. I am raw from itching. I have taken fluconose, i use vagisil... "
Mine was more in the corners of my mouth. It did work...
" told me about vagisil. He said it was a type of yeast infection. Mine was more in the corners of my... "
rom doctor can i use vagisil cream that has an exspiration o...
" Help! post op week 3--vagisil exspiration date? Ok so i have this yeast infection due to the antibiotics ...from doctor can i... "
come down with the itchies. Is it safe to use Vagisil?...
" Yeast Infections UGH!!!!! I think I have one. My dr put me on these antibiotics for my bronchitis... "
some vagisil (I think) wipes and they seem to be helping
" ...or discharge here either. I think it's mostly just from the crazy hormone change. I bought some vagisil (I think) wipes and they... "
got a yeast infection i used vagisil and it cleared up...
" daughters were born they both were allergic to pampers diapers so ...when my oldest daughter got a yeast infection i used vagisil and it... "
I put it on once yesterday and once today. It has helped...
" ...have a yeast infection. I was having some pain and swelling so I bought regular vagisil. I put it on once... "

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9,709 discussions
Taken for: Itching, Yeast Infection, Pain, Rash, Burn
Other names: Vaginal Itch, Anti Itch, Itch Relief, Vagisil Anti-Itch, Dermoplast
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