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Vaginal Itching

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Ask a question
3,823 conversations around the web about Vaginal Itching to help you make a decision
3,823 conversations around the web about Vaginal Itching to help you make a decision
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Vaginal Itching & Coconut Oil

We found 22 discussions
" ...that does help with vaginal itching/dryness is Coconut Oil. Yep, seriously. I've had dryness for reasons relating to my skin problem (I'm new to... "

" The only obvious symptom I had been having recently was vaginal itching. I find it rather confusing. Some days it's very ...the natural remedies? Garlic or coconut oil or plain organic yogurt (eith... "

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" ...perimenopausal vaginal itching:Try mixing a little ...castile - natural coconut oil.why use chemicals when ...this helps someone!I have found success in treating post menopausal vaginal itchi... "

" ...overgrowth. Do you have a high sugar, or high carb ...You don't have to have vaginal itching to have this problem, and the Candida diet (no sugar, no olive oil and coconut oil) may he... "

" Vaginal itching inside and outside. Some relief ...4 months I have had vaginal itching inside my vagina and outside ...various anti itch creams, virgin coconut oil, witch hazel, cold compresses,... "

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" had thrush and vaginal itching. Even if it's gone getting enough saturated fat. Coconut oil will be very helpful (2 your choices are garlic, coconut oil and Nystatin. And low-... "

" I was very nervous because I have had constant vaginal itching and then today I had to go to a ...a day treatment though, but I will try the coconut oil and Ph balanced... "

" Coconut OIL and other natural remedies. I ...remedies specialy using of vergin coconut oil. Since the phermacutical companies are ...have noticed is . :No Vaginal itching for over an year.... "

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" ...vaginal itching I was wondering if anyone had success with coconut oil for vaginal... "

" When I was younger my mother told me to use coconut oil for vaginal itching and infections. I use it ever since after shower to moisterise private parts. It is a really... "

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