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Vaginal Bleeding

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(Vaginal haemorrhage)
Vaginal bleeding refers to bleeding in females that is either a physiologic response during the non-conceptional menstrual cycle or ca...
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15,303 conversations around the web about Vaginal Bleeding to help you make a decision
15,303 conversations around the web about Vaginal Bleeding to help you make a decision
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Vaginal Bleeding & Catheter

We found 90 discussions
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" ...amounts of bleeding from catheter trauma but yours sounds sure it isnt vaginal bleeding & ... "

" ...about 4pm today, sleepy, having a huge amount of nausea can't get it under ...hours after surgery so I am ok with that. Catheter is out and am waiting to pee. A little vaginal bleeding not to ba... "

" ...will be like at first. I hope you are able to get the catheter removed and start feeling better! Do you have vaginal bleeding after the surgery? I really, really want to stop buying... "

" Some vaginal bleeding after LBL. Normal? I started having some spotting when I got out of the hospital but the nurse said it could be from a catheter that was in for surgery. But now I put... "

" catheter & post op questions I'm ...a catheter. How long will they have to keep the catheter in after surgery? Is there any sort of vaginal bleeding that that there would be any post-op b... "

" ...what to expect post- op. I didnt have to stay in as a catheter was not needed, but am having some vaginal bleeding. Is this normal? I also feel that my bladder is very sensitive and... "

" I had a little post-op vaginal bleeding. I woke up wearing surgical panties and a big pad. They removed my catheter before I woke up! (not a complaint). I only... "

" Da Vinci for Cystocele and Partial Hysterectomy?? ...via DaVinci??? Will there be vaginal bleeding? Stitches? I have a pre-op ...I will go home with a catheter? Thanks for whatever anyo... "

" ...infection due to the catheter I had during surgery. After a couple days of antibiotics I am finally feeling some relief. Yesterday, I started having vaginal bleeding and my the abdominal... "

" LAVH/BSO 6/15. Had poor pain control for the ...Ate small breakfast, had catheter removed and took shower. than abdominal. Minimal vaginal bleeding. Slight abdominal bruising... "

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