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Method of use: Vaginal Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Vagifem is an estrogen replacement consisting of estradiol and is used primarily after menopause to relieve symptoms of atrophic vagin...
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Vagifem for HRT
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Vagifem cause Vaginal Discharge ?

Vaginal Discharge is a known side effect of Vagifem
#40 in Vagifem discussions - 27 posts discuss Vaginal Discharge with Vagifem. Vaginal Discharge is #40 concern in Vagifem discussions.
We found 27 discussions
" ...using Vagifem tablets two weeks ago. My question is this, have any of you that use these found it caused an increase in vaginal discharge? The tablet ...much discharge is normal with Vagifem. ... "

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" Hi, Marilyn..... I have had vaginal discharge too... but only slightly. I haven't had much itching , but some burning.... my GYN gave me samples of Vagifem, which are pills inserted into... "

" ...Has anyone using Vagifem had vaginal discharge?... "

" ...Vagifem and Vivelle dot at the same time. I knew it was too much for me when I started having very large amounts of vaginal discharge and breast ...ended up using just the Vagifem for awhile.... "

Post from
" Vagifem I was just wondering if anyone else using vagifem has an increased vaginal discharge or any signs of trace not happy because the vagifem has helped me so much with everything... "

" ...of my patients using vagifem are doing well( don't report any side effects), however few have reported breast pain, breast enlargement, nausea headache, thick white vaginal discharge without smell... "

" ...from Gynodiol? I'm having nothing but problems with discharge, yeast infections, overall discomfort. I've unusal vaginal discharge/itching/odor. Anybody out there had the same? I'm also ... "

" Vagifem is a small white tablet ...may notice a more gloppy vaginal discharge such as you might of experience mainly when using 25mcg vagifem. You may also notice... "

" ...been using Osphena for 9 days. At first I thought it was helping, even though I had much vaginal discharge. However, now, I ...tried everything else--Estrace,Vagifem, compounded bio-identicals... "

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" ...noticed any thick and clumpy vaginal discharge? If so, could be a ...for yourself. For the BFing-influenced part my dr. prescribed VagiFem. It's a vaginal suppository used to help with the... "

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