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Other names: Vsl#3
Prescribing mode: Rx
*Off Label
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Based on medical discussions around the web
876 conversations around the web about VSL#3 DS to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about VSL#3 DS and compared it to other Ulcerative Colitis medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

VSL#3 DS & Cost

We found 78 discussions
" VSL #3 DS made no difference, what other probiotic to try? I used vsl #3 for about a year. ...takes a probiotic that seems to help that will cost less than $40 a month... I did see florastor,... "

" ...don't have the potential side effects (kidney & liver problems) that the oral 5asa's have. In your case, perhaps you should try canasa ...Cost wise, and effective-wise, the prescription VSL#3 DS... "

" ...plan and it states the VSL #3 DS for 30 days (20 units ...1 packet a day would cost me out of pocket over ...and 1 Co lace Laxative a day and still having a problem. I was diagnosed with... "

" ...The cheapest price I could ...a non-prescription item. VSL#3 DS requires a prescription. My drug insurance doesn't cover either. It has ...Boulardii be taken along with VSL#3. My gastro... "

" The VSL#3 DS cost my insurance company $249.89 for three boxes of 20 sachets (60 sachets total) and my cost was $30. They wouldn't cover Asacol Asacol 400mg. The cost to the insurance com... "

" ...take VSL#3 (DS VERSION ONLY) via ...they run out). Insurance for VSL#3 DS only covers 30days at a time so by ensuring your Dr. writes 4 pks/day, you end up with about 6 boxes (120pks). I sta... "

" ...been on VSL#3 DS ...But I was quoted $462 for VSL#3 DS without insurance. I see on Amazon that there is VSL#3 (regular strength) would taking 2 packets a day be the same mix of probiotics.... "

Post from
" ...DS COSTS???? i just called my insurance and VSL#3 DS would cost me $60.00 a month after insurance. who the hell... "

" ...& Insurance Long story short I got a prescription for VSL#3 DS and when I went to pick it up at the pharmacy to my surprise it was $343!!! My insurance get the price down? Will... "

" ...I checked my insurance and it covers VSL#3 DS so if all goes well I'm gonna see if i can get a prescription.... "

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