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Unisom is taken for: Nausea Vomiting Insomnia Allergies More


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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: OTC
*Off Label
Unisom is the Chattem brand name for an Over-the-counter drug sleep-aid medication. While marketed under a single trademark, the acti...
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Unisom for Nausea
34,249 conversations around the web about Unisom to help you make a decision
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6 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Unisom cause Joint Pain ?

#20 in Unisom discussions - 34 posts discuss Joint Pain with Unisom. Joint Pain is #20 concern in Unisom discussions.
We found 34 discussions
" ...night. So I kept doing it! I also started doing prenatal yoga and that's helped with my joint pain. I also take unisom so that when I get up to pee and lay back down again, I fall asleep very... "

" ...had any success with Unisom? I've been ...helped tremendously but I suspect it is causing my joint pain. I can't sleep ...without some help. I've used Unisom now 3 times and while it helps a ... "

" hasn't helped yet, she said it would take a few days before the inflammation decreases. I'm miserable, can't sleep because of pain. I've been taking Unisom, but it makes me drowsy the next... "

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" My joints ache so bad and it's from ...the round ligaments too. Nausea is horrible come 6:00 pm, I may try unisom and sea bands b/c I... "

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" not the goal. Treat pain as a messenger, not ...been very tolerable. Insomnia and joint pain were the worst symptoms; Unisom takes of the sleep part... "

" ...told me that I could take Unisom if I was just having ...a good option for you since your legs are hurting you. Also, getting adjusted ...itself with a lot of joint pain. Talk to your OB and... "

" ...just reading another post of yours about joint pain. I have been ...Benadryl. So I switched to Unisom and I have to say, the joint pain is better. Not gone, but ...worse. I know joint pain ca... "

" ...and stay with the unisom for a while. Is Unisom an antihistamine? Maybe I'm imagining it, but my joint pain seems to be better not using the clue why my joints are hurting so bad. I've be... "

" ...doubt it's SI joint pain either, honestly. Back doctors unacceptable. Last night I took a unisom to sleep (over the counter stuff). I slept OK, but had some bad nightmares. If my back didn... "

" ...the on call nurse the other night to ask about my meds. Since I have Erythema Nodosum, my joint pain is terrible. They put my on 500mg of Vicodin which my OB ...or a whole Unisom for sleeping i... "

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