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Neoplasm is an abnormal mass of tissue as a result of neoplasia. Neoplasia ("new growth" in Greek) is the abnormal cell prolifer...
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633,756 conversations around the web about Tumor to help you make a decision
633,756 conversations around the web about Tumor to help you make a decision
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Tumor & Tumour Compression

47.8% of the posts that mention Tumour Compression also mention Tumor (11 posts)
Tumour Compression
We found 11 discussions
" Tumor compression on the esophagus or nerves ...had that problem. She had radiation and shrunk the tumor off of the area and... "

" not fun. I had a large tumor compression fracture at T10. During surgery and it doesn't bother me any more. I never had any additional tumors like you. I found that going to the he... "

" ...thrombosis due to tumor compression with lung cancer. My husband has this problem from his tumor up by his clavicle ? not the lung tumor. He was on ...compression of his tumor. This compressi... "

" Hi, It's strictly related to tumor compression on the superior vena cava, ...causes the swelling. Are her tumors in the right area for happen? Does she have adenocarcinoma or squamous... "

" ...peri-cardial effusion, loculation, blood clots, tumor compression of bronchial tubes, tumors compressing or wrapped around major ...many of the above, no pain though, and often sat... "

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" ...diabetes 3.loss of temporal vision........pitutary tumor compression 4.miosis.......opiod poisoning, 5. mydriasis...........anticholinergic 6. ...slcerosis,optic neuritis, optic... "

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" due to a brain tumor compression (such as a pineal tumor) surrounding the aqueduct of Sylvius. Symptoms ?Symptoms are related to hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalic patients with aqueductal... "

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" ...Disc herniation Degenerative spine disease Tumor compression (benign or malignant) Epidural abscess ...of soft tissue, to exclude tumor If tumor, refer to Neurosurgeon, not orthopedics... "

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" ...this type of 'disorder ' because of nerve compression (tumor -related) or because of damage to the myelin sheath. ...occurs in MS. Or does tumor compression result in damage to the... "

" ...the treatment. Under radiation the tumor will be shringkage and smaller ...time. We couldn’t totally remove tumor by CK. GK and CK ...but CK can treat extracranial tumor, GK can not. CK ca... "

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