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Tramadol hydrochloride (Ultram, Tramal) is a centrally acting opioid analgesic, used in treating moderate to severe pain. ...
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Tramadol for Pain
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Does Tramadol cause Nightmares ?

#24 in Tramadol discussions - 367 posts discuss Nightmares with Tramadol. Nightmares is #24 concern in Tramadol discussions.
We found 367 discussions
tramadol and nightmares
I have been taking tramadol 50 mg for two years now and recently I have had to take double the amount a couple of different nights due to high pain levels. When I take only the 50 mg I don't experience nightmares but when I take a 100mg I end up with vivid nightmares some I can recall and some I dont
September 19, 2014
The rest of my comment seemed to have been cut off, so I'll just finish it up by saying that some of the side-effects of true narcotics - like nightmares and itching or "crawling" skin - happen with tram too at higher doses, but they'll drop away again whenever you lower the dose, or even on their own at sustained higher doses (so long as the higher doses are taken as ordered and not messed with or abused. Moving between 50mg and 100mg as you are doing is fine.
September 19, 2014
Nightmares are a common side-effect of opiate use, from the beast that is Morphine all the way down to little tramadol which contains only a small amount of synthetic opioid and has very weak effects on the u-opioid receptor - amounting to about 15% of the pain relief provided. The remaining 85% of tramadol's makeup is basically an SNRI anti-depressant, like Effexor or Milnacipran. In other words, as far as narcotics go, Tramadol barely qualifies as one, if at all. BUT it still has a few of the

" ...but I have stopped taking my Tramadol that I was given by the hospital as I have had horrendous nightmares about my children ...upsetting me. Has anyone else had nightmares on Tramadol? Or is... "

" ...whether that's chemical or psychological... Tramadol gives me horrible nightmares, so I rarely wa... "

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" ...this, I get terrible nightmares and wake up with ...Am sorry you have nightmares too hun, I take Tramadol but got nightmares before them, maybe ami... "

" know that I get the most horrendous nightmares when on Tramadol so I do understand and... "

" ...willing to bet the tramadol is the culprit. They ...Doug at one point and tramadol helped but did cause restless sleeping and nightmares. the drug brfore Tramadol which I cant thi... "

" ...of Co-proxamol. Tramadol gives me 'waking nightmares', it's horrible to have to choose between pain relief and the side effects. I hope you can find something to help soon, have... "

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" ...the time.. always have though so nothing new there. Tramadol gives me waking nightmares as I get auditory hallucinations at night... people coming up the stairs but... "

" ...I had one prescription for tramadol, 150mg and started to have nightmares. This was very disturbing as a sweat and felt quite paranoid. The tramadol also made me dizzy,so i stopped... "

" Not mtx. - tramadol - I was told by ...GP that I may suffer nightmares while taking tramadol. I must be one of ...why I haven't noticed any nightmares Hope you get it sorted... "

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