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Method of use: Pill
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Tramadol hydrochloride (Ultram, Tramal) is a centrally acting opioid analgesic, used in treating moderate to severe pain. ...
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Tramadol for Pain
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Tramadol cause Bloating ?

#32 in Tramadol discussions - 308 posts discuss Bloating with Tramadol. Bloating is #32 concern in Tramadol discussions.
We found 308 discussions
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" ...the side effects of being bloated and constipated. sorry being so ...or Percocet. i am allergic to tramadol what are the horrible things ...before pt? i rather take naproxen or something like... "

" ...and a little uncomfortable. Have swelling set in. Not just ...body so making me feel bloated and crook. Thinks the tramadol so stopped that now. No pain and no blood beautiful... "

" all. I use Tramadol and Chinese herbs, Gui ...has changed. I get bloating only when I have ...days on my period.However I do remember being constantly bloated when I was taki... "

" ...dexamethazone. But he is so sick at times, he cannot get out of bed. His stomach is bloated terribly, pain on take about 10 ibuprofen although he is not supposed to and two tramadol just t... "

" ...tramadol, nauseas meds and bentyl (which my gi already prescribes. Well 2 days pass, I call my gi and tell him what went on, along with my symptoms. He says I should have never been released. I'm c... "

" ...always find that I bloat and cramp with both fiber and senna. Senna ...that really works for me is tramadol, but the only ...and I'd take ibuprofen which usually worked but of course I can't ... "

" ...i think the tramadol seems to bung everyone up!! poor you. i can't understand why the post op girls are given tramadol, it seems to cause constipation, bloating, depression, tiredness, etc. i... "

Post from
" ...the pain and the bloating became so bad that ...out of hospital and have demanded an answer to the pain but so far i ...only recieved the pain killer tramadol (which makes me very dizzy). The... "

" ...some midol and try it. I keep working out, as I'm determined to only have bloating, not ...for Tramadol, which I tried for the first time yesterday for pain. It did help, but... "

" ...or drink i feel so nauseous. Having some really ...really intense even with taking Tramadol. Also i'm pretty bloated and it feels honestly like ...and ive been having some reflux aswell. ... "

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