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Track Marks

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(Needle track marks)
drug injection is a method of introducing a drug into the body with a hollow needle and a syringe which is pierced through the skin in...
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5,339 conversations around the web about Track Marks to help you make a decision
5,339 conversations around the web about Track Marks to help you make a decision
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Track Marks & Drug Addict

We found 75 discussions
" ...and i look like a drug addict from the track marks on my arm. They took... "

" ...side effect. I got track marks and was teaching a ...I also got an ulcer and had arms and subsequent track marks were visible.... My college students thought I was a drug addict. Hope t... "

" ...ect... it almost seems as though he idn't a drug addict , but he is... and even though he an ...showers everyday, make sure he puts cream on his track marks ... does anyone else do this? do you ... "

" ...a bad day! I have those 'track marks' too and I know what ...mean by thinking they make you look like a drug addict. I've no idea whether there's anything you can do... "

" except that I had a superficial blood clot (not dangerous) that bugged ...look a little like a drug addict towards the end because of your \"track marks\" from the Within a... "

" have what looks like track marks on my arm - presumably ...struggling I look like a drug addict!! I'm only 35 and work ...biological treatment and just feeling down :0(... "

" ...nasty. (and neither is a drug addict, btw). Her child is a ...The problem is that her swelling belly is evidence of immorality. Just as track marks. It is difficult to find... "

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" a result I have a lot of track marks from the needles. I had ...that he needed to assume everyone in their twenties was a drug addict. He was then thoroughly embarrassed, and... "

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" ...could be that I'm a drug addict and know more about drugs bad-ass\" kids do. I've got track marks, kiddos, that can tell you me when you've done your time sweating your ass off... "

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" ...will treat you like a drug addict or crazy person. When I ...proceeded to check me for track marks. I am not kidding! The ...He also said that my neck pain and other weird symptoms... "

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