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Total Hysterectomy + Wound

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137 conversations around the web about Total Hysterectomy + Wound to help you make a decision
137 conversations around the web about Total Hysterectomy + Wound to help you make a decision
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Total Hysterectomy & Wound

We found 137 discussions
" ...op after sub total hysterectomy so only my ...Seem to be getting a burning sensation from my wound but other than that ...with open surgery. Any advice on what the burning sensation may be ... "

" I had a total hysterectomy on June 18th, developed a hematoma that blew all my stitches, was on a wound vac for five weeks, and went to the wound care clinic for four months, usually three times a... "

" Hello there I had a radical hysterectomy on 2nd December and still suffer some aches and pains in my tum and around my wound. But I started exercising again about 3 weeks ago - whilst not 100%... "

" ...the skin around my wound is getting better, I ...six , and had a radical hysterectomy, I am seeing a sarcoma cancer specialist , I ...checked every 3 months. I belive this is a rare cancer, m... "

" ...i also have S.L.E had my op last Nov, Total Hysterectomy am on HRT and all is fine . Had a few Problems with the wound,which i know was because of the Lupus took a... "

" 5th week recovery from total. hysterectomy. Hi Every one, I am ...5th week recovery from a total hysterectomy. I am feeling brighter, but ...bruised in side and my wound is still quite Pink ... "

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" ...the ovaries out or total hysterectomy w/in 4-6 months as well. Waiting to hear if insurance approves Lupron to bide time and shut off ovaries. Thanks for the info...did you need a wound vac for t... "

" ...from 2 nurses (keep wound covered versus uncover wound) Decided to uncover wound and use a hairdryer ...days later the wound was beautifully healed. ...did before the total hysterectomy. So l... "

" Done hysterectomy. Swollen wound. Help Have a developed a hernia after sugery? I have just had a sub-total hysterectomy but as i am on it s place. the wound is clean and dry, however... "

" ...then staph.. I had a total hysterectomy (abdominal) on March 5th. Got ...the next day. I had developed a staph infection. I was then put on a wound vac for three weeks. Has... "

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