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(Oral candidiasis)
Oral candidiasis (also known as "thrush") is an infection of yeast fungi of the genus Candida (genus) on the mucous membranes of t...
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Common Thrush treatments discussed around the web
Diflucan 9,570 Canesten 5,414 Daktarin 4,738
284,190 conversations around the web about Thrush to help you make a decision
284,190 conversations around the web about Thrush to help you make a decision
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Toothbrush & Thrush

We found 601 discussions
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" ...meals) for ten days after each chemo dose. That plus brushing my teeth after each time I ate anything (sometimes I couldn't tolerate toothpaste so I used the toothbrush and plain warm water). Those... "

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" Make sure to throw away the toothbrush and really sanitize the cups she drinks out of or uses to rinse ...would try to wash it if so. I've had thrush 3x as an adult and was miserable. I received... "

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" ...cream for thrush on my tooth brush instead of toothpaste. Luckily I had a new toothbrush... "

" The last thing I bought was a new toothbrush for my son. And yes, such a small thing, chuck the other one out as he got oral thrush and I didn't want risk it to reinfecting... "

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" ...has thrush My daughter was just diagnosed with thrush . My Dr. said ...her tongue with a toothbrush and medicine, boil nipples ...I'm also nursing? Also, could this be part of her stomach... "

" Thanks. I am pretty sure I have the thrush to b/c my nipples hurt when he bf but I have been using Do I have to get rid of my toothbrush if I don't have it in my mouth? DO... "

" If you have \"thrush\" like we can get during ...that will do away with the thrush. I also swished with salt ...Also pour hydrogen peroxide over your toothbrush after each use to eliminate... "

" ...tongue looks like thrush(what babies gat from formula) and he has bad taste in mouth, ...stomach. He has been rinsing with listerine and toothpaste with on toothbrush on tongue.But nothing seems... "

" Have you tried any home remedies? several yrs ago I had thrush from strep and my grandmother had me gargle in ...had me put some of the oil on my toothbrush when i brushed my teeth and brushed my t... "

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" Swelling buccal mucosa Hi Folks, Sis had a problem with thrush, we were told to toss her toothbrush as it was contaminated and to use swabs to clean her mouth until the problem cleared up... "

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