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Tooth Pain

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toothache, also known as odontalgia or, less frequently, as odontalgy, is an aching pain in or around a tooth...
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Common Tooth Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 1,799 Ibuprofen 1,449 Acetaminophen 752
66,191 conversations around the web about Tooth Pain to help you make a decision
66,191 conversations around the web about Tooth Pain to help you make a decision
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Tooth Pain & Watery Eyes

0.03% of the posts that mention Tooth Pain also mention Watery Eyes (17 posts)
Tooth Pain
Watery Eyes
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Watery Eyes
We found 17 discussions
" ...go to the dentist with tooth pain and thinking i'll need a ...5 days ago, and my tooth hurts way more now AFTER ...minimal off and on). Sigh, anyone else deal with sinus/tooth pain only "

" ...and you look sick. Yes watery eyes go with that. I remember my gums. I had the worst tooth ache and went to the dentist. ...a 2 weeks to feel better and 2 different times... "

" ...watery eyes, teeth pain, ...past weekend it was in the low 90s with high humidity everyday. The week before was a cool and comfortable average of 55 or so. Been drinking lots of water and... "

" ...Wanted to share my baldness with all of ...(strange shooting pains all over, watery eyes, heartburn, not sleeping and my teeth hurt) Today my eyes are Time to go take my ambian so ... "

" ...Grove. My symptoms are sore throat, nasal 4 days), watery eyes, sneezing, upper molar tooth p... "

" ...sinus headaches, earaches and toothaches. I also have allergies ...Rhinocort for that. The Rhinocort has really helped with my allergies--the sneezing and watery eyes, etc., but it hasn't he... "

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" ...which gives me headaches and sore teeth when its bad. If I ...hayfever ive no other symptoms of it like the watery eyes. Hope you get sorted (: Sent from my SM-T210... "

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" ...most of you, I have constant bloody nose, watery eyes, sore muscles, ZERO taste buds, I leaving out? OH sore teeth, weird feeling skin!!! I just... "

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" sleeping awkwardly.. blurry and watery eyes.. well, could be allergies.. from ...give you a head ache, sore teeth, and eye soreness from drainage well.. So take a Benydril, Claritin... "

" ...6 month old has -watery eyes -a little cough -not ...til tues afternoon he is a healthy boy hasn't been sick yet. i will ...anything like give him tylenol for the teeth pain. his two b... "

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