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Tooth Pain

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toothache, also known as odontalgia or, less frequently, as odontalgy, is an aching pain in or around a tooth...
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Common Tooth Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 1,787 Ibuprofen 1,435 Acetaminophen 745
65,666 conversations around the web about Tooth Pain to help you make a decision
65,666 conversations around the web about Tooth Pain to help you make a decision
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Tooth Pain & Coconut Oil

We found 96 discussions
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" arsenal. Had to have an abscessed tooth pulled on 12/11. No ...was nothing wrong. Started the coconut oil in October. Late November - jaw and tooth pain. Went to the dentist and... "

" ...of my upper lip has been burning since a few days ...of my upper lip is red. I also had a tooth ache a couple days ago if that has anything to ...with it. Today I put coconut oil on to ease t... "

Post from
" ...a week ago. Finally got over the gag reflex when spitting out ...for about a week. My teeth hurt much less than before. I ...oil mainly, although I've used coconut oil sometimes and my teet... "

" ...worried about a hidden dental infection because I have so much random tooth pain. I've been swishing with coconut oil and clove oil for the last several months and... "

Post from
" ...stopped that mainly because my neck and teeth hurt so very badly. What do ...oil pulling for my teeth pain and man it works! ...oil and 3rd before bed- coconut oil. still have some twinges ... "

" ...WHITE and I'm loving this!!!! Tooth pain continues to be drastically reduced. No improvement yet on ...about whether or not refined coconut oil will work as well.... what... "

" ...coconut oil. Teeth are amazing and ... "

" ...been low blood sugar...but I was a little dizzy briefly so I ...biofilms. No more reaction from coconut oil. Its feeling useless ...I eat/drink something sugary. My teeth hurt. Want to take... "

" ...By the way -- have you tried oil-pulling with coconut oil? It's pretty great for treating tooth pain and also has antiseptic and healing properties. I've been seeing amazing results! Very... "

Post from
" ...feel. i find that coconut oil helps with the funky-ness ...last night bc my tooth hurts. it had been feeling isnt abcessed. i had just started reading the healing tooth decay book. they... "

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