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Tooth Infection

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Common Tooth Infection treatments discussed around the web
Amoxicillin 426 Clindamycin 175 Amoxil 15
6,466 conversations around the web about Tooth Infection to help you make a decision
6,466 conversations around the web about Tooth Infection to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Tooth Infection

Tooth Infection & White Blood Cell Count

We found 26 discussions
" saying that my white blood count was not good. I ...for but I also have a sinus infection. How long did it take to clear up the tooth infection? I have not had m... "

" Yes a tooth infection could do it.. Try not to worry, it could ...cautious.. at the end of the day if your white blood cell count is up it means your body is working effectiv... "
December 15, 2014
My Doctor said a tooth infection could cause an elevated wbc. Not to worry

" ...your white blood cell count look like? Could you possibly have tooth infection? I also... "

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" ...of physical factors -even a tooth infection can drain you so that ...sure to get blood tested to see if your white blood count is high, bc that indicates there is an infection... "

" ...I know! I have had an infection stuck up in my ...not a medical person!!! My white blood count was high when I had ...hysterectomy, probably because of a tooth infection. My only instruction ... "

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" ...Diagnosed with CLL in Nov 07 following ...concerned about blood test results. White cells have gone from 147 to ...I had flu and a gum/tooth infection about a month before my... "

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" ...they are saying she has shingles. she didn't know what ...that saved her was her white blood cell count being too high for the ...cell count from an inapparent tooth infection. When the to... "

" ...stunned when I first got sick, I never got very ...says I have a high white blood count and my immune system attacked ...last January to kill a tooth infection and it made my stomache... "

" a call from the docs saying that my WBC count (Neutraphills) were raised. The doc asked if i had ...Has anyone had anything similar to this? Could a tooth infection cause this. God I am so... "

" ...I was never diagnosed with a cause of my 106.2 fever and no white cells. I am on an experimental treatment involving a VDR ...awhile, I have had no tooth infection for the first time in... "

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