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Tonsillectomy + Coconut Oil

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18 conversations around the web about Tonsillectomy + Coconut Oil to help you make a decision
18 conversations around the web about Tonsillectomy + Coconut Oil to help you make a decision
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Tonsillectomy & Coconut Oil

We found 18 discussions
" here. You, sir, have Tonsil Stones. That white thing is ...stuck in your tonsils. Forget coconut oil.. forget mustard oil.. What you unless you get a Tonsillectom... "

" ...had sinus surgery AND a tonsilectomy. She said her child wasn't ...need sinus surgery again. Her CF clinic had a similar ...-- we add olive or coconut oil to his casseroles, noodles, etc.... "

" by the way, i had tonsil stones in the past, and had my tonsils removed. Since im having my deviated ...i seemed to have regular bad breath too till i ...the odd things like coconut oil and lemo... "

" due to my tonsillectomy, perhaps my immune system ...herb Andrographis herb Ginseng herb Coconut oil topical and oral Apple Cider ...4 weeks after my second varilrix (chicken pox vacci... "

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" ...dose of vitamin d3. Take a good probiotic if you were on ...nettle leaves, dandelion root, virgin coconut oil in capsule form. I am ...I am also considering a tonsilectomy to reduce my chance... "

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" ...but I also had my tonsils removed a little over a month ...weight back on. If you really want to understand coconut oil more, I recomend reading \"The Coconut Oil Miracle\" its very... "

" ...bars protein powders vitamins That \"fractionated\" coconut oil crap ate my tonsils ...and acid which ended up requiring a tonsillectomy. so much for the 8-10,000... "

" ...but I have also tried other things for example coconut oil/vitamin d tablets/fish oil tablets and also have dead sea ...well as having had my tonsils removed! As for your jock strap... "

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" ...and vegetable oil. Do not limit butter, home-rendered lard, coconut oil, palm oil, and expeller pressed olive, grapeseed and sunflower're anything like me, you could just have a tonsille... "

" ...meanwhile I am going for Coconut oil pulling, Carrot, Celery, Spinach, Tomato Its a matter of tonsillectomy. I missed my ENT appointment your stories on tonsillectomy. and how yo... "

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