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Tonsil Stones

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Tonsilloliths, also known as a tonsil stones, are clusters of calcified material that forms in the Palatine tonsils number Tonsi...
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7,908 conversations around the web about Tonsil Stones to help you make a decision
7,908 conversations around the web about Tonsil Stones to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Tonsil Stones

Tonsil Stones & Vomiting

1.67% of the posts that mention Tonsil Stones also mention Vomiting (132 posts)
Tonsil Stones
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We found 132 discussions
" ...had tonsil stones since I could remember! ...few and I'm surprised I didn't throw up from the disgusting taste. ...I spit them out. They say good dental hygiene gets rid of tonsil stones but ... "

" ...It always felt something when I swallows. It made me gag and randomly vomit. I had tonsil stones, but I also had a constant infection. I got my tonsils out a month ago. It was the worst... "

" ...stones before... They smell more like horrifically bad breath than vomit though... B... "

" My husband gets tonsil stones. And his breath can be vile. Especially if drinking. Makes me puke. Look that up and see if he can work... "

" ...tasted like fish.. I have tonsil stones, which causes a nasty taste ...mouth. Its like a light vomit taste with not brushing my... "

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" Tonsil stones removal I have a question i suffer from Tonsil stones is there medication for them beacuse i dont wanna ...senetive throat i will only puke is i try to remove... "

" ...wondering if any of you vomit because of the taste of ...ulcer or some other digestive problem. I also get \"tonsil stones\" which could be attributed to improper digestion as... "

" ...fever went away I got tonsil stones (yuck!), then the night sweats, loss of balance and vomiting (thankfully the vomiting after eating stopped a couple ...3 weeks and feel weak and ... "

" Tonsil Stones I get tonsil stones a lot and I hate ...a fear of choking and throwing up I can't stick something back ...I've gotten them I get a sore throat the day before. My... "

" I have two tonsil stones as of right now... I have had one before out of my throat... My problem is my gag reflex is soo bad that I can't get ...I try a qtip I vomit before I even get that... "

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