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Tonsil Stones

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Ask a question
Tonsilloliths, also known as a tonsil stones, are clusters of calcified material that forms in the Palatine tonsils number Tonsi...
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7,919 conversations around the web about Tonsil Stones to help you make a decision
7,919 conversations around the web about Tonsil Stones to help you make a decision
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Tonsil Stones & Coconut Oil

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" ...ago.I have noticed no more Tonsil Stones Forming in me, and very I Oil Pull with Coconut Oil is what we use, I seem to have Nightmares or very Violent Dreams.... "
July 8, 2014
sakit sa ulo man intindihin

" ...tongue/mouth & not smell a thing. I do get tonsil stones occasionally and those definitely stink. My teeth, I believe ...tongue scraping, vitamin c, xylitol, coconut oil....and the list goes... "

" You, sir, have Tonsil Stones. That white thing is ...stuck in your tonsils. Forget coconut oil.. forget mustard oil.. What you won't get the Tonsil Stones, and you w... "

" ...oil pulling with coconut oil for over 6 ...and then the sinus wash bottle. It worked great by getting rid of my tonsil stones and I still do ...the nasal passages. I have not had a cold in se... "

" by the way, i had tonsil stones in the past, and had ...stones that are exactly like tonsil stones, and since there in ur ...all the odd things like coconut oil and lemon water and jus... "

" ...with my scalp-have switched over to jason toothpaste, SLS and junk conditioning I use coconut oil-actually, my husband has stopped ...3 weeks and I have not gotten one tonsillolith li... "

" The other thread on Coconut Oil mentioned it as a cure for bad breath caused by tonsil stones. If taken internally, can it... "

" ...bad breath, I never had tonsil stones but i was always getting ...trouble.. and I think the coconut oil helped with this. As i it! NO more silly tonsil stones getting in your way of... "

" ...helps for my white tongue, tonsil stones and post nasal drip. They ...I've added in more coconut oil and milk to replace ...other organic non-salted meats and coconut oil for some more healht... "

" Thanks for your feedback..I'm definitely going to try coconut oil...Yea, I think he was just giving the worse case ...can't wait to get healthy AND my confidence back...these tonsil stones r no... "

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