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Tinnitus ( or from the Latin language word wikt:en:tinnitus number Latin meaning "ringing (medicine)") is the perception of soun...
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Common Tinnitus treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 1,916 Klonopin 1,319 Ativan 929
172,328 conversations around the web about Tinnitus to help you make a decision
172,328 conversations around the web about Tinnitus to help you make a decision
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Tinnitus & Turmeric

We found 51 discussions
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" ** Originally posted by GitOverIt ** aspirin makes my ears ring...I stay away from all OTC pain meds unless I ...:p for anti-inflammatories I use turmeric/curcumin works for... "

" ...some help. My ears ring too, but from ...stopped taking it. You could use topical pain relief and for the arthritis try tart cherry concentrate and maybe some turmeric. both work on inflammat... "

" ...for a year and nothing. I think the one that helped me the most was Turmeric. ...less noticable, lifts depression. It seem to me to relieve the pressure that accompanied the tinnitus.... "

" ...sore and a friend gave me a medical snippet from the Daily Mail suggesting a teaspoon of Turmeric mixed with warm milk. I tried it, and it really worked. When I stopped taking it for a day... "

" Well, my tinnitus was very minor once I ...that does much, although when I run out of turmeric and don't get around to filling the caps for ...week, I know that my tinnitus is much worse - so... "

" ...I have tried including ginger/ turmeric in my diet and it ...a negative effect on my tinnitus. It contains anti oxidizing properties ...didn't seem to improve my tinnitus. There are many ingr... "

" ...capsule for a couple of months, and didn't help my tinnitus,,, is... "

" well as give me tinnitus? Hi Dr. K - Thanks ...I notice when I put turmeric - a supposedly healthy product, not only do my ears ring, but I am more... "

" ...had tinnitus for years and recently it's improved. I began taking turmeric recently and I believe ...simmering about 1/4c turmeric powder in 1/2c with your tinnitus. Please check... "

" ...the underlying cause of your tinnitus is. If you can attack ...wich is milk mixed with Turmeric powder wich has some great ...healthy. Ive noticed that my tinnitus is graduatly getting less... "

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