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(Has tingling sensation)
Paresthesia , spelled "paraesthesia" in American and British English spelling differences, is a Wikt:sensation of tingling, pricking,...
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Common Tingling treatments discussed around the web
Neurontin 2,868 Lyrica 2,302 Gabapentin 1,791
475,208 conversations around the web about Tingling to help you make a decision
475,208 conversations around the web about Tingling to help you make a decision
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Tingling & Warm Sensation

6.84% of the posts that mention Warm Sensation also mention Tingling (292 posts)
Warm Sensation
We found 292 discussions
"!! Tingling in hands, warm sensation throughout my body, massive fear of losing control and going mad!!! Upset tummy, ...I find once physical affects are under control I feel almost human!! No... "

" ...mmmmmm like what? Does your body tingle? Do you feel a warm sensation? I miss our webcam chat... "

" ...the gels, you get a tingling feeling. Its more is \"working\". I also get a warm sensation, and the applie... "

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" ...i have this warm sensation in my head it didnt last long and i have a tingling in my... "

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" Unusual warm tingling feelings in feet and hands For the past few weeks I've had a strange warm sensation in my feet, it is like I've stepped ...away. I have also had tingling feelings in my feet... "

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" Tingling Question Hey guys, I was ...little bit and over the past 7 weeks I've been feeling a warm sensation in my foot and a tingling sensation in .... In one of my hands the tingling has tur... "

" ...pantoprazole for the last 2 1/2 weeks over the last couple of days anytime of the day I have gotten this warm sensation on my left thigh and it's feels like just warm or warm Tingly feeling... "

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" ...still swollen, I do get this warm sensation in the leg and i have noticed more of strong tingling sensation in the leg. There is some discomfort but not terribly painful at the moment. Than... "

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" ...from mdma is there any drug that simulates the warm sensation in body from ...MDMA. Some get a tingling, that begins behind ...i can get that warm sensation from weed but... "

" ...teaching a class I got a wierd warm sensation that was felt on the ...teeth at night. I have been feeling dizzy, have had ear ...have an ear infection, my cheeks feel tingly and I am constan... "

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