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Thyroid Problem

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(Thyroid disorder)
thyroid disease is a medical condition impairing the function of the thyroid...
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Common Thyroid Problem treatments discussed around the web
Synthroid 9,856 Levothyroxine 2,596 Cytomel 1,352
243,530 conversations around the web about Thyroid Problem to help you make a decision
243,530 conversations around the web about Thyroid Problem to help you make a decision
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Thyroid Problem & Orange Juice

We found 89 discussions
" ...but I don't take suppliments for that...I eat spinach, and drink lots of orange juice. Its not a thyroid problem, I have been checked. I hope that helps.....and thanks for the welcome Robert,... "

" ...a high fibre cereal for breakfast, try adding an orange juice, prune juice etc because you should not need to have blood sugar or thyroid issues with your GP, there can... "

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" ...have a yoghurt/banana/couple of rich tea/slice of toast/glass of orange juice. Blood sugar can drop at this time and wake ...think it could be a thyroid issue? Have you any other symptoms?... "

" ...Any specific foods you can't live without? Pasta and Orange Juice Any foods that you can't stand? Milk but I ...I have risk factors that include crohn's and a thyroid proble... "

" ...iron well. Try having fresh orange juice with your iron, keep milk ...from foodstuffs. Autoimmune phenomena and thyroid disease frequently are observed. Patients with... "

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" could be a thyroid problem as well. \ I ...about my iron because I was passing out, no energy,sleeping problems, and not wanting to ...sure they are taken with orange juice,helps it get in... "

" Mexican food, Italian food, orange juice, coffee, etc. with no ...the real problem stems from Thyroid problems. Improved diet, much more any connection to my thyroid problems befor... "

" [...], i think so too--about thyroid issue. i also think if we are able to tend ...reading that drinking pulp free and not from concentrate orange juice helps the thyroid a lot and has a great... "

" ...been wanting a glass of orange juice for the last 4 days. ...because she has a bigger weight problem and has thyroid problems so I though I'd be helping her at the... "

" ...1plum, 1/4 piece apple, 1cup orange juice around 11.30- digestive biscuit 1 ...periods around 24th(due to my thyroid condition even this is not on... "

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