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Thyroid Medications

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Ask a question
913 conversations around the web about Thyroid Medications to help you make a decision
913 conversations around the web about Thyroid Medications to help you make a decision
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Thyroid Medications & Orange Juice

We found 913 discussions
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" ...also have thrush on my nipple and a yeast infection), so she recommended that I eat more protein and ...that taking thyroid meds (I'm hypothyroid) and drinking calcium fortified orange juice wit... "

" ...from the book Stop The Thyroid Madness. Just check to ensure ...take it close to your thyroid meds or near having tea or coffee though. Taking iron with orange juice ( or vit c )will... "

" ...the right dose of Cortef HC for my low cortisol levels I am on 30 mgs a day. I start at 5am taking my thyroid meds with 10 mgs of Cortef drink a glass of Orange juice. Or take a glucose... "

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" ...before I went today! I'd have been a nervous wreck! lol. You can donate with your thyroid meds. It's like with asthma though, ...toast, a small carton of orange juice, a small bar of choc... "

" ...guess that your dose of thyroid meds has already adjusted for that. ...certainly interfere with absorption of thyroid meds. If the orange juice is fortified with calcium, that could also make... "

" ...that you've healed your thyroid by using Peat's protocol. ...gelatin (though probably not enough), orange juice and more fruit. I would ...that you are off thyroid meds, I didn't realize the... "

" Before I started thyroid meds, my thyroid got to the ...where I would just get an occasional choking feeling, then it got ...I avoid those things, like orange juice, banana chips, red wine, stro... "

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" when I have to space it out with my brand spanking new thyroid meds. I whole-heartedly recommend orange juice daily. Not in the spirit of tips, at all, but if you're concerned... "

" ...act!!!!? I take 2 different thyroid medications, one fasting then I eat and take once dose of calcium about 2 hrs later ...stomach or with food?, no orange juice, etc.... ya it is a... "

" ...other bones? Also, some Thyroid medications usually after being on ...They have been prescribing Thyroid medications for years. Also, with ...certain things, like orange juice, coffee, and ot... "

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