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Thymoma is a tumor originating from the epithelial cells of the thymus. Thymoma is an uncommon tumor, best known for its association w...
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1,647 conversations around the web about Thymoma to help you make a decision
1,647 conversations around the web about Thymoma to help you make a decision
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Thymoma & Tiredness

3.89% of the posts that mention Thymoma also mention Tiredness (64 posts)
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" ...little like me. I had a thymoma and was dx with MG ...same thing ,I was so tired I was going to quit ...that was so overwhelming. I actually noticed relief in the fatigue within the first we... "

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" ...results is that i have a thymoma and the only solution to ...for ir because i have pains everyday,my shoulders feels tired.but i have no fever,no breathing problem and have no problem... "

" I had a thymoma and thymus gland removed in ...thymectomy helped improve anything. I am more tired now, than ever before. I ...have had one without the thymoma? hmmmmm....good... "

" ...thymoma they said. Not sure about the link with horses. I did work with photo chemicals all my life with poor ventilation. My bosses went to court about it for another co worker. She got a nast... "

" me this year. Had a thymoma 7 years ago and ...not working. The symptoms have become much worse but the fatigue was overwhelming. I was ...somewhat but it really helped the fatigue. I c... "

" ...swallowing muscles make eating tiring - when you get tired eating you convince yourself you're full enough. The other ...cancer. If you have a thymoma this may be part of... "

" ...look at the CT and say it's not a thymoma. Waiting for an appointment with an immunologist. It means ...I can see that you are tired and your life is demanding,... "

" ...scan shows a possible thymoma and I get very tired and weak. Funny thing ...awful again and have ben sick for months since. ...worse. I have had these symptoms - dry cough, tickly throat, l... "

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" ...problems swallowing, weakness in my arms and general weakness. Unknowing that I had to remove my thymoma which was as large ...I am stressed or tired I do get tired and exhausted e... "

" Hi. I had a hyperplastic thymus with thymoma. The thymoma was benign. You're asking me ...MG, so muscle weakness and fatigue were my main issues. You're ...go bad if the thymoma is neglected. T... "

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