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(Oral candidiasis)
Oral candidiasis (also known as "thrush") is an infection of yeast fungi of the genus Candida (genus) on the mucous membranes of t...
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Common Thrush treatments discussed around the web
Diflucan 9,620 Canesten 5,416 Daktarin 4,747
284,992 conversations around the web about Thrush to help you make a decision
284,992 conversations around the web about Thrush to help you make a decision
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Thrush & Men's Health

We found 49 discussions
" ...; I had acupuncture I took Co enzyme Q10 Viagra Clexane Prednisalone Asprin And I had Gestone , not ...was in my protocol , but i got a thrush like reaction to the utrogeston I had been pe... "

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" Viagra didn't do it for me but Cialas did - the doc as the extra protein (??) in urine was causing infection (thrush?) which whilst not painful was very annoying. (You're not coming near me w... "

" ...have to grin and bear it, do they do viagra for women???????????????? i notice from your profile you have ...well towards a active sex life!!!!! [ and the blessed thrush!!! ]... "

" ...GP.White discharge could be thrush (how common is this, ...mind that in cases of thrush where canesten is not prescribed/used, there are ...people that brought you Viagra. Fluconazole is a o... "

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" ...I wish there was a way of knowing for sure whether we have thrush. Anyway, babs is 6 weeks old and as far as i can remember, ...Never know what i'll get if i buy online! Viagra or something el... "

" any one using the Viagra tablets ? I know most ...down stairs. Thought it was thrush so used a clomitrazole vag ...feeling. Would have thought if thrush it would have gone by... "

" ...the biopsy also checked for thrush/candida, but said there was nothing. ...thought vag gel was for thrush or is there another kind ...decided to do pbmc and viagra in jelly if those options... "

" ...easy, ony thing is I've got a touch of thrush and have been advised to use cream only just now to ease discomfort. I'm hoping the viagra caused it and that it will settle now I've... "

" the ONLY time I've had libido since taking finasteride. But also just prior to taking finasteride I was ...what I believe was a very nasty case of thrush off a woman at around the same time. ... "

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" ...anecdotal approach to expansion not viagra and thin security surpluses. Sherry ...tits Melissa Mead topless Michelle Thrush nude Annett Renneberg sextape nude... "

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