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(Oral candidiasis)
Oral candidiasis (also known as "thrush") is an infection of yeast fungi of the genus Candida (genus) on the mucous membranes of t...
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Common Thrush treatments discussed around the web
Diflucan 9,619 Canesten 5,416 Daktarin 4,742
284,946 conversations around the web about Thrush to help you make a decision
284,946 conversations around the web about Thrush to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Thrush

Thrush & Iodine

We found 487 discussions
" the hoof. as for at home treatment use 1 part bleach and 2parts water and for really bad thrush mix a table spoon... "

" Help with Thrush Does anyone have a good cure for thrush? We have tried alot of ...owner used to burn with iodine crystals 2 times a yr.... "

" ...Oil of Oregano or Iodine? Considering both. Heard that iodine is very important, yet ...fungi, and I'm having problems with thrush, and both... "

" their stall. SPIRIT HORSE- thrush buster works great. once i got the thrush under control (Summer has crappy feet syndrome ) i iodine her feet every... "

" Stubborn Thrush At the barn I ride at, four horses have thrush. We pick out their hooves ...out again. Then we put iodine in them and thrush buster. It has been goi... "

" Thrush Buster will get rid of the thrush and usually pretty quickly. But after that you can ...sole of the hoof with iodine EVERY day. Not a lot, ...who was always prone to th... "

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" have Thrush(white-coated tongue), how has it ...CURES Candida, it's an anti-fungal, but so are alot of things. Iodine helps alkalize too d... "

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" Oral Thrush I am struggling with my ...not enough and bought a Iodine mouthwash and bought an oral gel but with no success. If anyone has any ...peroxide food grade or Luguls iodin... "

" ...AND WHITE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A mare I ride has THRUSH and White Line at ...try? I'm usin iodine on her hoof ...on her frog. CAN PEOPLE GE... "

" Cancer and thrush are both fungal. Eat seaweed ...have almost no cancer) or order Lugol's 5% potable iodine on line if you can still get any and ...I did to cure my own cancer. Rega... "

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