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Throat irritation

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Ask a question
Throat irritation means different things to different people. Some people may mean a dry cough others describe it as a scratchy feeli...
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44,645 conversations around the web about Throat irritation to help you make a decision
44,645 conversations around the web about Throat irritation to help you make a decision
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Throat irritation & Coconut Oil

We found 86 discussions
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" ...a bottle of organic coconut oil in my tiny tiny ...later on in this thread, coconut oil has a comparitively low amounts oleic acid. however i have experienced itchy throat after eating coconut.... "

" ...I dropped the coffee, HWC, coconut oil and coconut milk and stevia. ...tasted heavenly this morning, and get this, hardly any throat clearing, rare for the morning, usually clear throat many tim... "

" i just started taking coconut oil this week (thanks to this forum) and when i ...and i kept needing to clear my throat. i wonder if it is ...tea and i'm not having the dry throat issue... "

" ...a scratchy throat. My SIL recommends some swigs of sauerkraut juice. Ugh. Not very hungry in the morning. ...when I include coconut oil in my drinks. Also, my teeth feel better this morni... "

" Coconut Oil I received my first order of Nutiva coconut oil today. I plan to make a small batch of it straight since so many people either feel sick or get an itchy throat from it.... "

" Do you also use coconut oil? I let some of it ...down the back of my throat after clearing my throat vigorously of phlegm. Coconut oil has a mild antibacterial action... "

" ...gut/cognition difference between the two but I do feel the scratchy throat sensation BOO causes--and given the slab of coconut oil I eat each day, I'll take the BOO's concentration... "

" forearms but I never connected it. I just started oil pulling with organic coconut oil (3 times so far) and I have had a very itchy throat.... It feels like I am on the verge of losing it. I am... "

" I found Virgin Coconut Oil in a healthfood store. I ...and rinse with a little Coconut Oil. And after vigorously clearing my throat (because there always seems to... "

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" lost weight with the coconut oil? Funny that you said that ...different brands. I had the scratchy throat too I think at first ...and CO. My son had a really bad cold for weeks and it... "

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