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Tetracycline is taken for: Acne* Infection Rosacea* Lyme More


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Tetracycline (International Nonproprietary Name) is a broad-spectrum polyketide antibiotic produced by the Streptomyces genus of ...
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Tetracycline for Acne
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Does Tetracycline cause Gum Disease ?

#35 in Tetracycline discussions - 39 posts discuss Gum Disease with Tetracycline. Gum Disease is #35 concern in Tetracycline discussions.
We found 39 discussions
" ...given tetracycline when I was about 2 or 3 and my bad breath started at 13. I also developed gum disease at an early age. My gum ...was a dentist I would try hard to be the first person to cure... "

" ...know what antibiotic you took? i know i was on tetracycline.. which you are not supposed to give to kids ...a host of other problems, like the bb and gum disease so early i... "

" ...can play a role in gum disease but in my family, only my aunt (who also took tetracycline as a kid) and my poor oral hygiene) have gum disease. my siblings all have good... "

" ...yogurt. although when i was a kid, i took tetracycline which permanently stained my teeth (i was 2 years ...well, and lots of oral issues in general (including gum disease since i was in my... "

" ...had bad breath too). anyway, after reading these forums, i believe i got the problem as a child due to use of tetracycline (antibiotic) when i was ...lead me to have gum disease since i wa... "

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" ...I developed some kind of gum disease which resulted in the removal of all of my teeth. The antibiotic they chose to give me was Tetracycline which of course stained all of my incoming teeth.... "

" ...easy to deal with, so I researched, and found that CoQ10 is very good for gum disease. I've been taking it for ...I had extensive staining from being given tetracycline as a youngster, so the... "

" ...have either 1 of 3 things. 1. you were given tetracycline as a small child, I was and my teeth ...remove it, and if you don't you will get gum disease soon and then the MAJOR work sets in. ... "

" ...and tetracycline fibers Hi ...Italy and have serious gum disease. My son is a dentist and told me something about tetracycline fibers, which would buy these tetracycline fibers and whe... "

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" ...see improvement in gum disease, by eliminating gum ...impregnated with tetracycline was wrapped around each tooth and pushed down into its pockets, My reply: Yes this is very effective. B... "

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