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Method of use: Implant, Injection, Transdermal Gel
Prescribing mode: Rx
Testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group and is found in mammals, reptiles, birds, and other vertebrates. In mammal...
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Testosterone for Loss Of Libido
103,912 conversations around the web about Testosterone to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Testosterone and compared it to other Loss Of Libido medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Testosterone cause Body Pain ?

#260 in Testosterone discussions - 24 posts discuss Body Pain with Testosterone. Body Pain is #260 concern in Testosterone discussions.
We found 24 discussions
" ...testosterone for polyneuropathy. Will increasing dosage ...with polyneuropathy. I am currently receiving the standard dose for low testosterone using depotestosterone administered at Dr. s offic... "

" ...3.5 (2.3-4.2) I'm also taking HCG and Testosterone cream and on Lexapro. I ...I cannot have it or I get really sick; body pain, constipation gets worse, fogginess, fatigue. I avoid gluten,... "

" ...old man high estrogen low testosterone. thyroid problems no s**t. doc ...on levothyroxine and anddrogel ( testosterone gel). I had fat belly boobs ...still confused and mad body pain tired fe... "

" ...Low t Levelst producing enough testosterone, so I was put ono ...endocrinologist and GP noticed I'm low on my Testosterone, and they're nowt sure why. ...and muscle in my body hurt the next d... "

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" ...colorless gel that delivers testosterone to your body through ...provides 50 mg of testosterone Your doctor may also ...routine may help restore your testosterone levels Features of t... "

" ...weight and was fatigue and body pain all over in my arms ...The answer was too much testosterone. I had a high level. ...Woman can produce too much testosterone in ovaries and that's what... "

" ...(.98). I have aches and pains all over and so fatigued, foggy brain ...Anemia?? Hypothyroid situation and maybe both affecting OSA? Low testosterone and estridiol as well. My diet is great (limi... "

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" ...term diflucan, topical estrogen, topical testosterone, internal pelvic massage, long term ...did not have all over body pain, did not seem to fit... "

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" Yes, my story.... ED, body pain so bad it made me ...iu/l Normal Range 1.5 ?9.3 Testosterone 8,15 nmol/l Normal Range 8.4-28.7... "

" Testosterone Q / Zinc Intake Could ...advice welcomed? Have just got testosterone results back from the doc, ...more being irritable & a general pain in the arse to be... "

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