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Testosterone Measurement + First Pregnancy

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78 conversations around the web about Testosterone Measurement + First Pregnancy to help you make a decision
78 conversations around the web about Testosterone Measurement + First Pregnancy to help you make a decision
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Testosterone Measurement & First Pregnancy

We found 78 discussions
" ...few weeks of my first pregnancy. I was subscribed a ...had 25mb estrogen and 75mg testosterone. My dr said next insertion ...12.5mb but she said my testosterone level and good symptoms are e... "

" ...this is my first pregnancy after our lost angel last year.. I am on Dexamethasone .5mg once ...high DHEA and Testosterone levels and it successfully 4 years of infertility and possibly... "

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" Eva- I'm taking urofollitropin (Bravelle) for injection and ...level was still high and testosterone level low. He had to go ...crossed. This would be my first pregnancy. I have 3 great stepkids... "

" ...we were blessed with our first pregnancy, Adam was born Sept 2006. ...with ds1, and was put on metformin. all three of my ...that I am using to control testoster... "

" ...lot. I did take Metformin several years ago, ...had a progesterone / testosterone imbalance with my PCOS ...took progesterone supplements during my first pregnancy to help prevent miscarriag... "

" ...and baby is doing ok....I tend to be a worry wart and read way to ...Im already a mom......but the first pregnancy (with Olivia) they often treated me (I blame the high testosterone) he... "

" ...about the pregnancy hair! My first pregnancy gave me awesome hair! Second ...out from each birth my hair loss reared its ugly head ...pcos so the main culprit (testosterone) was easy to pinp... "

" ...having a rash my first pregnancy too.) This one was base and I was uncomfortable with it, so ...having a boy, so the testosterone point was interesting too considering I had the rash e... "

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" testosterone is elevated and it was during my first pregnancy as well and's related to my testosterone level because it wasn't an issue with my first pregnancy. If you're worried th... "

" ...our second child. My first pregnancy is actually what really ...three years ago, my weight went up more. I think ...they checked your hormone levels? High testosterone is common in PCO... "

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