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Tecfidera (BG-12) for MS
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Does Tecfidera (BG-12) cause Hair Loss?

#8 in Tecfidera (BG-12) discussions - 108 posts discuss Hair Loss with Tecfidera (BG-12). Hair Loss is #8 concern in Tecfidera (BG-12) discussions.
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I have been on Tecfidera a little over 2 years and have considerable hair loss where I can see bald patches and breakage. Has anyone gone off it and had their hair grow back? I hope so, because I'd like to go off it.

Tecfidera absolutely causes hair loss!
I didn't want to believe it would happen, and I let it happen for months, but I seriously have half the hair I used to have…despite all the vitamins, biotin, and fish oil I take. Tecfidera did this.
Deb Solomon
June 2, 2015
I have been taking Tecfidera since FDA approved it. I want it to work and at one year MRI had little change for the worse. No MRI this year yet. I have noted continual disturbing burning flushes and bad GI issues. My hair has thinned significantly by about half. I have had weight gain a nd headaches. Most disturbing to me is altered mobility to include marked decline in balance and weakness. Pain is worse in legs. I suppose a body has to try whatever it takes but at some point the quality of life must be evaluated.
May 19, 2015
I take tecfidera too and this same thing happened to me. My hair just would not grow at all over the year and a half I was on the drug. It thinned out at least by half along with no growth. No matter what I did, nothing helped.

Tecfidera and hair loss
It's VERY important that anyone seeing "hair loss" (or any side effect) from taking TECFIDERA, report this not only to their physician but most especially important, TO THE DRUG COMPANY so that it gets "official reported" as a side effect...otherwise, if it doesn't get reported, it won't be known/listed as a potential side effect (for future users).

I have lost about half my hair since going on Tecfidera. I went to my primary physician with a full reporting of my diet/lifestyle and family genetic hair history and had blood work done to rule other things out - ALL the blood work was normal and there is nothing to explain the hair loss - the only change in my life is the Tecfidera. So I not only called my physician but I called the drug company and reported it. They claimed, "No one has reported this." To which I replied, "There are people blogging about it...I cannot say if they are indeed reporting it but they ARE talking about it so then you have me, ONE person, reporting it."

I urge you to consider calling the drug company and reporting your experience - this will help ALL current and future use of Tecfidera.


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