Tecfidera (BG-12)

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Taken for: MS, Psoriasis, RRMS
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
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Tecfidera (BG-12) for MS
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Does Tecfidera (BG-12) cause Burning ?

#10 in Tecfidera (BG-12) discussions - 93 posts discuss Burning with Tecfidera (BG-12). Burning is #10 concern in Tecfidera (BG-12) discussions.
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We found 93 discussions
t about 15 minutes but I also get a burning sensation in...
" ...I have been on Tecfidera for a little over a year and I continue to have the flushing sensations. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat or how I take the meds. The flushing sensation I can handle... "

hat my tongue and roof of my mouth have a burning sensation....
" ...Been taking tecfidera for a little over a month. Overall very tolerable. Have noticed that my tongue and roof of my mouth have a burning sensation. No oral... "

eeling crap. side effects going burning hot, red rashes and...
" tecfidera hi all, just come off ...my injections and have been on tecfidera about 3 and half week and am feeling crap. side effects  going burning hot, red rashes and tingling.... "

get the flushing, burning feeling and my hair falls out...
" ...i have been on tecfidera for almost a year and still get the flushing, burning feeling and my hair falls out in globs in the shower. i dont know if the hair falling out thing is related to the... "

that lasted about half hour. Also had a bit of itching...
" ...to inject anymore. Took Tecfidera for 8 days. First 2 days I experienced flushing (redness and burning)eight hours after taking the pill. It looked and felt like I had a sunburn that lasted about... "

els like the inside of my face (nose and eyes) are burning....
" ...mouth and eyes with Tecfidera? It started with a cold about 3 weeks ago and since then I've had the burning on and off but today it's been really bad! Feels like the inside of my face (nose and... "

another onehe will switch meds' But do you get hair loss...
" i have been on tecfidera since about the time you started it last november and i have to say i still get alot of burning, flushing, itching skin and i have had a relapse about 3 months ago and my doc... "

ing sensations in my legs but that started pre-tecfidera. Th...
" bright red, burning all over and itching on ...wondering if anyone else has had this as a late problem on tecfidera? I have been on ...last dose. I often have burning sensations in my legs but that started... "

that I recently started feeling a burning sensation i...
" I also started taking Tecfidera over about a 5 weeks now. Although I did have my share of stomach cramps, but I feel that Both the frequency and intensity have been on a gradual decline�So I�m... "

tarted Tecfidera today and my vagina has been itchy/burning....
" Does Tecfidera cause yeast infections or vaginitis? I started... "

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