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Tea Tree Oil is taken for: Infection

Tea Tree Oil

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Method of use: Ointment
*Off Label
Category: Dietary supplement
Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, is a pale yellow colour to nearly clear essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor. It is tak...
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Tea Tree Oil for Infection
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Tea Tree Oil & Spider Veins

We found 15 discussions
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" ...It causes me intense itching, discomfort and embarrassment. I use prep H wipes and tea tree oil, fibre sups and sitz baths, but nothing is working. I tried ...I also have spider veins (broken re... "

" ...rid of the spider veins on the face it works. For rosacea I just started using the tea tree oil and argan oil. ...cheaper. I spent a fortune over the years trying to get rid of rosacea. My... "

" eyes and have used the Tea Tree Oil with baby shampoo and now ...swollen and red and the spider veins on checks are also increasing. ...kill the thyroid and taking Natural Thyroid. Drs. ... "

" Tea Tree Oil making Spider Veins? Hello all, been a while ...I've recently been doing the Tea Tree Oil mixed with a moisturiser method ...add 2 drops of 100% Tea Tree oil to my moisturiser and a... "

Post from
" ...child. I have spider veins all over. I ...Shoulders), borax, and tea tree oil to discourage mites. I take niacini to burst white blood cells taken over by Cpn. It causes a miserable flush. Sinc... "

" ...also getting rid of some spider veins I had. Once I'm thru ...second one, it was totally astounding. I also use tea tree oil on my face. The skin care place highly recomends... "

" ...Body Shop also makes a Tea Tree oil Mattifying moisturizer, but it does ...very hot water can cause spider veins on your face. The moisturizers ...It is normal to have dry skin in one area an... "

Post from
" ...this? I have also used tea tree oil for minor cuts and abrasions and found it to be effective. I have considered using ...Curiously, I also have spider veins on my legs. Than... "

" ...have been having him use vitamin K cream and it has ...veins though not the red spider veins. There is a different laser ...people who have said the tea tree oil has helped them and that... "

" 2009 it caused more spider veins and made skin slighty more ...% of time. however few spider veins were what i was trying ...restriction seems to help. going to try tea tree oil mixed with... "

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