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Tea Tree Oil is taken for: Infection

Tea Tree Oil

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Method of use: Ointment
*Off Label
Category: Dietary supplement
Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, is a pale yellow colour to nearly clear essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor. It is tak...
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Tea Tree Oil for Infection
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What people say about Tea Tree Oil and Sinus Infections ?

#4 in Tea Tree Oil discussions - 253 posts discuss Sinus Infections with Tea Tree Oil.
We found 253 discussions
" ...using a neti pot, utilizing Niel Med ...and ONE drop of pure tea tree oil. When I was having sinus infection issues, my DH said... "

" I've gotten rid of a sinus infection before by putting ONE drop of tea tree oil in a neti pot. One... "

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" ...steaming with olbas oil and Tea Tree Oil I did this every hour when I first got Sinusitis 3 weeks ago and it... "

" ever tried a neti pot? I use this ...a year for sinus infections... now when I (and I use tea tree oil in it) and I have only had 2 sinus infections th... "

" ...inhibit mold growth in the filter. When I feel like I'm getting a sinus infection, I'll put 4-6 drops of tea tree oil in a pot of boiling water, and use it as a steam treatment... "

" ...have frequent sinus infections but I ...pot and tea tree oil, a natural antibiotic/antiseptic. When I feel like I'm getting a sinus infection, I rinse my sinuses with a solution of tea tree oil ... "

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" ...friend in the last year along with Eucalyptus and Tea tree oil!!! Thats what I've used to clear out my sinus's each time I got sinusitis!!! I didn't even think of using it last year... "

" Quote: I am an allergy/sinusitis sufferer and just want to warn you-tea tree oil can damage your ears. You sound like your ear canals are inflamed due to your infection and the tree tree... "

" ...sinus infection I might have to do some research on putting some t... "

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" ...tea tree oil in my hair products but that affect my hold head and it doesn't. I am a vegetarian as well and have been for 9yrs. I don't have allergies so I don't think its food. I have had a sinus ... "

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